Spiritual Guidance

Intuitive abilities and paranormal experiences are coming into the limelight more and more these days. Thankfully, many have come to an understanding that these abilities are normal and natural parts of ourselves. Many have fine-tuned their abilities and are working toward supporting others through readings, channeling, clearing, and so many other methods through a multitude of spiritually-based tools. One simply has to turn on the television and nearly every channel features programs highlighting spiritual, intuitive gifts and paranormal happenings. We are drawn to things unexplainable and yet so strangely and uncannily true.

Connecticut is blessed with a wealth of individuals who use their gifts to provide spiritual guidance to others. Our Directory which intuitives, mediums, channels, and those gifted in astrology, Tarot, intuition, gypsy cards, animal communication, angels, numerology, psychometry, spirit guide, palm, runes, sacred geometry, past life, energy, and aura readings. Participants are listed in the Directory in alphabetical order.

Please understand that while our readers provide solid and accurate insight into many aspects of a person’s life, serious life decisions such as medical care, relationships, work life, etc. should not be based on a reading alone. Please consult professionals in the field to support your decisions.

**NOTE: New participants loaded up all the time – please check back every so often to see who else joined! 

Participants: If you wish to participate in the Directory, fill out our Online Form. Your listing will remain online for a full year (base rate $30 for the year – 100 words description).

Sandy Bonola & Aaron Saramak
Serving all of CT
(860) 707-6586, aboveandbelowguidance@gmail.com
Spiritual guidance includes archetypal counseling (sacred contract readings), intuitive development and guidance in developing a sacred practice.

Pamela Ryder
4 Norwich Road, East Haddam, CT 06423
(203) 535-2466
Drawing upon twenty five years of experience and training in intuitive arts, psychology, tarot, reiki, paracounseling, and spirituality, Pamela Ryder offers sacred space to help clients with any number of life questions, obstacles, and transitions. Rituals by design based on needs of client. By appointment in person, phone, and Skype sessions available. Credit cards accepted. Complimentary first reading.

The Healing in Harmony Center
99 Citizens Drive, Glastonbury, CT 06033
(860) 430-9801, info@healinginharmonycenter.com
Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner® providing Spiritual Counseling, Intuitive, Angel, Mediumship and Medical Intuitive readings. In-person, phone and SKYPE® readings are available. Monthly Gallery-style readings, In-Center parties, and classes in Mediumship, Medical Intuitive and Spiritual Development offered. Gift Certificates available. Credit cards accepted.

Rachel Boucher empowers sensitive souls to feel more balanced and grounded through energy healings and online classes. She offers two free courses, Access Your Intuition and 8 Essential Manifesting Tips, at RachelRoseBoucher.com.

Randy Ouellette
Wallingford, CT
(203) 679-2485, cardreadingsbyrandy0@gmail.com
View Randy’s Video Here
Serving all of CT. As a psychic reader, I feel it’s my role to help you achieve a new outlook on your life’s path. I use Tarot to tell you the story of what’s happening in your life at this time. This includes situations that are currently going on around you, other people around you and situations that haven’t happened yet. I offer in-person readings at my home, as well as phone readings. I’m also available for parties. Allow me the honor of accompanying you as you continue forward on your journey.

99 Citizens Drive, Glastonbury, CT 06033
(860) 716-2248, chris@BlueHeronHealingMassage.com
Nationally Certified Licensed Massage Therapist, over 15 years of practice. Member A.M.T.A, CT License #1587. She provides mediumship, medical intuitive, angelic readings, energy healing, along with spiritual counseling. A Reiki Master/Teacher, Master-Instructor of Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET).Classes and private sessions available. Available by appointment. Credit cards accepted. Gift certificates available.

Enfield, CT 06082
(860) 698-6377, joancase@cox.net
Psychic reading (Tarot), spiritual guidance, spiritual healer. Confidential. Hypnotherapy also offered. Telephone readings, remote readings.

Serving all of CT
(203) 459-2808, miylana@aol.com
Clairvoyant, Empath, Holistic Alternative Psychology Practitioner, Metaphysical Counselor, NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, Qi-healer, Spiritual counseling, Past life therapy. Egyptian Numerology. Are you ready to make lasting change? Feel like things are getting worse? We have all come here to learn and grow, in this time of transition we are being pushed to finally take action! Be the person you were meant to be! Working with clients of all ages using a combination of divine guidance and holistic modalities to help you understand the how’s and why’s that keep you repeating the same patterns. build self worth, self-esteem, change old programs, connect to your higher self and guides, find your true purpose and learn how to create the life you desire. Phone and skype sessions available. Janice is the author of This is Only a Dream! When You Die You Wake Up! She also teaches on-line classes and seminars. Some workshops being taught – Spiritual Development,Past Life Regression, The Energy Connection, and Bullying Exposed. Also offering Egyptian Numerology. Check Events on website for details. Member of ACA and NGH.

50 Gayle Drive, Bristol, CT 06010
(860) 584-2480, ddcote50@aol.com
As a Shamanic Minister of the Circle of the Sacred Earth, I provide the indigenous services of extraction healing, soul retrieval, divination, and psychopomp work. As a diviner, I do: Celtic Wisdom Tarot, Celtic Tree cards, sortiledge, shamanic castings, tasseomancy, scrying, geomancy, mediumship, channeling, psychometry, spiritual counseling, and animal communication. I am also a certified hypnotherapist, Reiki Master Teacher, Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher, Emei QiGong practitioner, and a practitioner of over 44 years’ worth of meditation. You may tape record sessions. I provide gift certificates and offer classes and workshops in addition to handcrafted personal sessions.

Listen To Your Angels
(860) 742-6898, dlangels@aol.com
Clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, channel and medium for 25 years. Communication with your Divine Self, your masters, teachers, spirit guides, animal guides/totems, or your loved ones in heaven. I will serve as medium to help you clear confusion or doubt. Recognize your strengths and see the power in your choices and relationships. Your session will help to clear your mind, heal your heart, find your soul’s core strength, and help you choose according to your heart’s desire.

DzinskiDZINSKI, DORY – Certified Realm Reader
47 Maple Avenue, Collinsville, CT 06019
(860) 693-2840, dorydzinski@comcast.net
Do you feel like you don’t quite fit in anywhere? Can’t find your tribe or a place of true belonging? Feel like you are separate from the rest? Perhaps this human experience is very new to you. This is a unique type of reading that identifies which Realm(s) you have been in before your time on Earth. Have you been an angel, elemental, cherub, leprechaun, Atlantean, or merperson? Find out some of the reasons you feel the way you feel, and do the things you do. It can all make sense now! Must be conducted in person – 30 mins for $30. Dory is Certified by Doreen Virtue.

Whitney Christina
3 Barnard Lane, Bloomfield, CT 06070
(860) 830-1180, whitney@energeticbeing.org
Private sessions, classes, Access bars and Body Processes – Access Consciousness is a unique set of tools and processes aimed at breaking barriers in life that hold us back. Whitney Christina is an Access Consciousness certified facilitator. Access empowers clients to know what the know, by providing questions that the client uses to access internal truths. Bars and Body Processes – gentle care for bodies. These are incredibly nurturing and relaxing processes, undoing limitation in all aspects of your life that you are willing to change!

36 Cheshire Road, Wallingford, CT 06492
(203) 265-2927, return2love3@gmail.com
Being an open channel for Divine energy, Gayle integrates the power of universal love, compassion, and understanding in all her readings, enabling her clients to realize true and lifelong transformations, as well as the art of living in our natural state of happiness. With over 20 years of experience, her readings assist one with the illuminating and unlocking of limited beliefs and conditioning, both past and present, which allows one to create from love instead of fear. She is available for appointments both in person as well as by phone. Visit website for information on classes and workshops.

Groton, CT
(860) 235-4950, Stacy@goforthonfaith.com
www.goforthonfaith.com, www.manycontainers.com
Spiritual/Intuitive Life Coach, energy healer, wedding officiant, author, speaker, teacher. Offering phone or in-person spiritual/intuitive coaching sessions, custom-crafted wedding services, baby naming ceremonies, house clearing and blessing in-person (SECT) or remote, energy/spiritual classes and speaking engagements throughout CT., Specializing in release and recovery from faith-based fears and dogmas. Wednesday evening worship services (Interfaith/Interspiritual/Integral) at Meiklem Kiln Works/Centerspace Wellness Studio in Bozrah. All are welcome! Contact me for more information.

Virginia Beach, VA
(757) 685-9962, cindytarot@me.com
Psychic, International Spiritual Teacher and Author, offers accurate, honest, and compassionate Psychic Tarot Card Readings, Spirit Guide Readings, Channeled Readings, Energy Readings and Soul Readings over the phone, via Skype or at her Virginia Beach office. Cindy travels yearly to Tokyo, Japan offering spiritual development classes and psychic sessions. There she developed Soul Readings, combining Spirit Guide and Numerology for an in-depth look at your Soul’s Journey. Cindy also reads and teaches at Edgar Cayce’s ARE and offers Online classes at LearnitLive.com. MP3 recordings and gift certificates are available. Visit www.CindyGriffith.com for more information.


238 West Granville Road, Tolland, MA 01034
(413) 258-0228, bhardiema@aol.com
Barbara is a channel for the Ascended Masters and Archangels and offers phone or email Angel and Soul Purpose readings, remote spirit releasement sessions, as well as home parties for your group of family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers. She presents workshops on a variety of spiritual self-help topics and is an award-winning author of Creating Heaven on Earth: A Guide to Personal Ascension and Soul Releasement: Assisting Souls into the Light.

160 Point Grove Road, Southwick, MA 01077
(617) 872-6399, lynnehartwell@comcast.net
Click to view video
Serving CT and MA. Over the phone and Skype sessions also available. Lynne Hartwell is a highly skilled Spiritual Guide and Psychic Intuitive with numerous certifications and experience in the field. She compassionately works with the general public and professionals alike on attaining successful transformation of their life’s path & direction. Transform your life into one of personal empowerment, peacefulness, success and joy. All services provided are designed to identify, remove, or shift challenges & negative belief systems that hold you back. You will receive informational “tools” on how to move forward with greater freedom, joy and abundance.

Janet Stack
14 Elm Street, Winsted, CT 06098
(860) 379-7119, jstack7119@gmail.com
I offer complete Astrological services and Astro Parties. I am a Certified Breath Therapist. I offer inspirational and practical guidance in a session. I provide information along with new tools to help individuals to move forward in their lives and their personal growth. Consultations can be in person, on the phone or e-mail. I am a member of the Astrological Society of CT.

Serving All
(860) 919-7107, jenniferpage22@gmail.com
Jennifer is an international intuitive with over 30 years of experience. She is certified in NLP, hypnotherapy and a Reiki Master. Her readings are a combination of working with the angels, guides, those who have past, Osho Zen cards, and a pendulum. Readings available by phone and email. Need clarity or guidance? Ready to claim your power back and make conscious decisions? I would be honored to assist you. Available for private classes/events.

175 Capital Boulevard, 4th floor – Suite 402, Rocky Hill, CT
(860) 202-8269, jo@bountifulblessingsct.com
Jo Homar is an intuitive healer and psychic medium who offers her services worldwide via Skype, phone, email and in-person. Jo offers all levels of Usui Reiki, Lightarian Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) attunements and certification classes as one-on-one and group sessions. Jo uses various healing modalities in her work including her own healing technique: The HIGHER Connection. Have her search your soul records and clear karmic programs which are getting in the way during this lifetime. Day, evening, and weekend appointments are available for readings, healings and trainings. Gift certificates are available and charge cards are accepted.

Middletown, CT
(860) 344-9299, nancielapier@aol.com
Nancie LaPier is “Op Se Op,” Tibetan for one who is approached by and taught by the Spirits. A psychic medium who is both clairaudient and clairsentient, Nancie accesses the wisdom and counsel of her spiritual guide(s), “The One,” on your behalf. Services include psychic readings, mediumship, spiritual counseling and guidance, shamanic divination, animal communication, medical intuitive, and shamanic/energy healing. Phone and internet readings also available. Instant phone and chat readings available at http://www.bestpsychicdirectory.com/connecticut/nancie-lapier-/1001.html. Parties and gatherings (over 12 years of age).

230 Mountain Road, Suffield, CT 06078
(860) 817-5747
Donna is a psychic medium, intuitive, and a hypnotherapist. She has the ability to connect to your departed loved ones, and your Spiritual Guides, giving you peace and closure with the loss of a loved one, or helping you overcome obstacles in your past or present life, or psychic guidance and direction as to your path in this life.

530 Middlebury Rd., Suite 201B, Middlebury, CT 06762
Serving Connecticut
(203) 598-0210, klorensen@katherinelorensen.com
“In honor of the divinity of your spirit, for the path of your soul, assisting you in healing body, mind and spirit.” I use many modalities to assist people in healing spiritually, physically, and emotionally, some of which are Past Life Regression, Hypnosis, NLP, EFT, Reiki, energy balancing, etc. Some focus is on past lives, soul’s purpose, health, relationships, career, etc. Teach Reiki. 20 years of holistic counseling. Member of: AKA, ACA, IACT, IARP, CHHA, NGH. Gift certificates are available. All major credit cards accepted – MC, Visa, Discover, AmEx.

solstice-ritaMACRAE, RITA FAITH
129 Tolland Stage Road, Suite 3, Tolland, CT 06084
(860) 469-6130, Rita@solsticestrategypartners.com
My platform for spiritual development counseling starts with my formal training in psychology, nursing and social work. I draw in my skills as an Intuitive Medium, a Master in Usui & Karuna Reiki, and 5-Path Hypnotherapist to ensure my clients quickly understand where they are in their journey, and what steps they need to take to achieve happiness and balance at work, at home, and within themselves. Sessions can be delivered via phone, FaceTime, Skype or in person at our wellness center in Tolland, CT. Credit Cards and payment plans available.

VeilleuxMcELROY, DEB
Woodfaeries Holistic Center
Victorian House
24 West Road, #52 Ellington, CT 06029
Life guidance, direction, validation, and healing are the intention and result of the readings offered by Deb through past life, spirit guide, psychic, and mediumship methods. Readings are offered in person, email and Skype for children-adults. Certified teacher and holistic healer. Please contact Deb at woodfaeries@gmail.com

Branford, CT
(203) 907-9357, alrhoa@comcast.net
Whether you are looking for advice, clarity, or are simply curious about the Tarot, a reading with me in my Branford office can help direct you on your path. My readings are honest and uplifting, and occasionally include messages from departed loved ones, as I am a natural medium. I am a Tarot teacher and offer classes either in groups or on an individual basis. First time clients can enjoy a thirty minute reading for $40. Call for more information and rates for classes and group readings.

Healing Medium
Serving all of CT
(860) 834-3559, healingmedium1@gmail.com
Michele Palmieri, a healing medium, is available for Gallery Style or individual readings. Michele is highly respected for the accuracy and integrity of her readings; respecting the impact the readings have on the recipient. For over 30 years, she has offered guidance and intuitive information to family and close friends. Like all spiritual people, Michele soon grew to realize that she needed to help others; sometimes by choice, and other times by the choice of the Universe. Michele was drawn by Spirit into Sandy Hook to do healing work. “This experience changed my life. I can never go back to who I was after this.” Michele has said. Michele’s first book will be released in the Fall; in which she shares stories of love and healing. She also will share her inspirational story of Sandy Hook. Michele is a Reiki Master, Spiritual Counselor and Dream Interpreter as well. All of these can be incorporated into a personal reading or program to suit your event. A Gallery Style reading of six or more people, begins with a brief introduction and a setting of intentions. Michele will then do readings for your group, as Spirit sees fit. At the end, Michele will always take questions, and make sure that those who have received information and messages are comfortable with what they have heard. Regular rates are $75 for an hour intensive reading. Please do not let the price be a barrier to you getting the comforting message you deserve. Contact Michele to work out the details, or plan a Gallery Reading for 5 friends or more, and the hostess is free!

Journeys Holistic Wellness & Anxiety Relief Center
918 Hopmeadow Street, Simsbury, CT
(860) 580-9736, brittany@journeyssoulschool.com www.journeyssoulschool.com
Brittany Quagan is a Medical Intuitive, Reiki Master/Teacher and Psychic/Medium. Services include: healings, readings, medical intuitive, ear candling, and life coaching. Brittany also offers all level Reiki certifications, Intuitive Healer Certifications, as well as workshops for psychic and spiritual development. She work actively with teens/young adults with anxiety/depression and a sensitivity to energy who are looking to connect and heal; as well as helping Empaths find their empowerment and embrace their gifts. She also specializes in helping others see the lessons in their experiences.

230 Hartford Turnpike #26, Vernon Circle, CT 06066
(860) 913-1816, MysticReader7@gmail.com
Psychic Readings, Tarot Card Readings, and Mediumship Readings. Robin enjoys helping people using his psychic and mediumship abilities . . . along with using tarot cards. Robin will tell you what is going on with you now and what your future holds for you. (Yes, He believes you can change your future) He will also answer questions, so bring questions. As a Medium, he has the ability to communicate with your spirit guides, angels and departed loved ones. Robin is recognized throughout America as a certified medium. He is an inspirational speaker and regularly demonstrates his abilities at National Spiritualist Churches throughout New England. Readings are done in a professional office building or by phone. Robin will do group readings in his office or at your home. You can record your readings. Cash and PayPal are accepted. Readings by appointment please. Call today for an appointment. If phone is busy leave a message.

Jan Bartrop-Babbitt
Serving Granby, CT and surrounding areas
(888? 568-6630, Jan@realchangetherapy.com
www.REALChangeTherapy.com, REAL Change Therapy on FB and YouTube
RESULTS oriented hypnotherapy using the tools of alchemy to transform and embrace your best self self; using your passion, talents, and experience for your maximum benefit. Working with your spirit guides to assist in intuitive hypnotherapy that is safe, personal, and effective.. Removal/Release of blocks to success in all areas of your life (business, personal, relationships.) My training includes all levels and types of hypnosis and past life journeys, as well as 25 years as an addictions counselor. My 2 NDE’s (Near Death Experience) left me with the gifts of clear seeing, hearing, and knowing.

Griswold, CT
(860) 625-0168
Tarot and oracle card readings offered to provide guidance and spiritual reflection with emphasis on your strengths, empowering you with insight into the beneficial options and positive choices available to you. Helping you to find clarity, reassurance and peace of mind. Email readings available with payment accepted via PayPal. Certified Reiki sessions for energy balancing, pain reduction, and relaxation, with the unique addition of intuitive/psychic messages. Call or email to schedule your appointment or for more information.

The Purple Rose

526 Main Street, New Hartford, CT
(860) 379-2600, laurapurplerose@aol.com
Laura Rose, the owner of The Purple Rose Healing Center and Gift Store, is an Intuitive Medium and Angel Reader. Laura is also an Usui Reiki Master, a Lightarian™ Reiki Master, Light Healer and AngelLinks practitioner. Laura offers readings and healing sessions as she taps into the energy and messages from Spirit Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, Departed Loved Ones, Nature Spirits, and Animal Guides and Companions, all of love and light. Laura teaches ongoing Psychic and Mediumship Development Circles, Reiki, Lightarian programs, Empath 101, and many other classes.

Rev. Heather DeLusso and Lisa Huppert
Coventry, CT 06238
(866) 528-4355, serenitygrovecenter@yahoo.com
Rev. Heather DeLusso and Lisa Huppert are both gifted psychic meduims and Usui Ryoho Reiki Master Teachers. Their center offers services in psychic readings (in person and phone), psychic development instruction, psychic parties, spiritual services, Reiki healings, Tibetan bowl sound healings, Reiki instruction and certification, expressive art for healing sessions, SoulCollage® workshops, divination products, and more. Gift certificates are available. All major credit cards are accepted. Visit our website for more information.

Serving the world
Located in CT, 06801
(203) 417-3139, yoginilight@gmail.com
I am honored to offer intuitive service through channeled soul readings shared over the phone or in person. Although I am physically located in Connecticut, we do not have to meet in person! My process involves downloading information from your field for roughly an hour and then relaying the information to you on the phone or in person. I simply need your name to do this work and happily accept credit cards and paypal.

51 East Main Street, Avon, CT 06001
(860) 674-8600, nancy@sixthscents.com
Sixth Scents is a modern new age store that sells an array of products that touch on all the senses. Organic teas, candles and soap, clothing and accessories, crystals and gemstones, intentional jewelry, inspirational music, essential oils and flower essences,salt lamps and singing bowls, incense and sage and more. For the sixth sense the store offers healing/intuitive services and a variety of workshops. Intuitive readings are available on a regular basis such as astrology, tarot, past life regressions, mediumship, crystal and rune stone readings, energy healing, meditation groups and more. Call to schedule an appointment or book a party or have an event at the store. LIKE us on Facebook!

The Sacred Journey
29 Davis Road, Burlington, CT 06013
(860) 675-9706, jsgermaine@aol.com
Intuitive and shamanic readings and services offered in person, by phone, or email. Focus on past lives, high self, soul purpose, health, relationships, career, etc. Readings may include palmistry, cards, communications with spirit guides, power animals, mineral and plant kingdoms. Couples readings and private parties available. Spirit detachment, soul retrieval, extraction, journeying, hypnotherapy, and mentorship offered. Workshops and study groups in Psychic/Spiritual Development and Shamanism. Member: International Assocation of Counselors and Therapists, Foundation for Shamanic Studies, National Guild of Hypnotists. Private parties and gift certificates.

Hamden, CT
917-692-2829 cell, rena@renatobey.com
Artful Insights – Reading Masterpieces of Art for Your Wellbeing, with Art Historian Rena Tobey. Rena has been studying and reading tarot and other oracle cards, as well as practicing energy work, for over 20 years. As an art historian, she recognizes how much art serves as a source of inspiration, meditation, insights, and healing. Since 2008, she has worked with art museum visitors, students, and participants in her programs to benefit from these built-in qualities. Rena has now created her own deck, Artful Insights, made up of 135 masterworks of art. In a reading with Rena, you pose questions about your life path, career, relationships, and well-being. Then let the art guide you. Rena will help you draw insights based on her experience and close listening with you. No knowledge of art or art history is needed. Readings in person, at parties, and on Google Hangouts. Credit cards accepted.

Lebanon, CT
(267) 884-4252, adhizen@gmail.com
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Traditional and contemporary Shaman healing techniques using the rattle and drum as well as divination, Medical Radiesthesia, house and land clearing (remote and on site),Grief work, Blessings and Ceremonies, traditional healing… Adhi offers sessions via Skype, at her office and she does home visits. All sessions are by appointment only and payment is due at the time of treatment. You can find a list of fees on my website. Adhi has been practicing sacred healing techniques for 25 years and has a Ph.D in Therapeutic Counseling.

WholeLife Wellness & Shamanic Services, LLC
Eastern and Central, CT, some sessions available by phone, Skype; gift certificates available
(860) 918-8703, marianvitali@sbcglobal.net
I offer spirit-based services that guide you to a place of insight, healing, and beauty. Services: intuitive divination readings, shamanic spiritual healing, soul retrieval, power animal retrieval, house clearing and blessings, classes, ceremonies include weddings and baby blessings. Be courageous and take the steps to manifest your dreams.

P.O. Box 1330, Hebron, CT 06248
(860) 468-5175, whitney@ashen-forever-after.com
Connecting with the Spirit world brings love and guidance. 30 and 60 minute readings available in person or by phone. Reiki healing sessions available for adults, children and animals. Spirit photography, spiritual counseling, paranormal investigations, house clearings and blessings also available. Whitney is a Reiki Master, Certified Medium, Parapsychologist and Spirit Photographer. Please visit our website for more information and to schedule a session. Sessions can be tailored to include any of the services offered. Gift certificates available. I look forward to connecting with you one day soon. Namaste.

Goldylocks Temple of Healing, LLC

23 Park Avenue, Groton, CT 06340
(860) 326-9178, gnostichealing37@hotmail.com
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Usui, Atlantean, and Crystal Reiki Healing, Shamanic, Run Valdr and Tibetan Bowl Healing. Psychic medium reading, development classes (in person or online), and ministry services. Goldylocks Productions is a subsidiary of Goldylocks Temple of Healing,llc. High quality internet Radio and TV Production, Design and Website Services. www.goldylocksproductionsct.com

Kristina Hallett
880 Burbank Ave, Suffield, CT 06078
Serving CT and MA
(860) 965-1655, kristinamhallett@gmail.com
Dr. Hallett is a psychologist and a shaman. She provides a full range of shamanic services including chakra illumination, soul connection, destiny retrieval, spirit animal connection, and sacred ceremony (fire ceremony; despacho). Dr. Hallett regularly holds workshops in Shamanic Reiki to assist Reiki practitioners to learn shamanic journeying as a means of ehancing their healing work. She frequently offers training classes and additional workshops in all things shamanic and health oriented, so assist you in living your best life NOW. You can find her blogging on Huffington Post, Your Tango and Shaman’s Market. Give her a call and get moving!


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