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Governor Baker Signs Bill to License Naturopathic Doctors in Massachusetts
Boston, Massachusetts, January 12, 2017.
Governor Charlie Baker signed into law a bill that offers licensure to naturopathic doctors (NDs) in Massachusetts. This licensure ensures the safe practice of naturopathic medicine in the Baystate.
A grassroots effort led by thousands of grateful patients helped get this legislation over the finish line. Massachusetts’ residents will now be able to access ND care locally instead of crossing state lines to seek such care. All New England states, save Rhode Island, have licensed NDs for over 20 years. This law affords people of Massachusetts an option to include well-educated and trained NDs on their health care team for ND’s expertise in both preventive medicine and natural integrative care.
Naturopathic doctors are rigorously trained in post graduate, four-year, in-residence, regionally and nationally accredited naturopathic medical schools. Graduates pass psychometrically sound examinations prior to eligibility for licensure and require industry standard continuing education coursework.
There has been a paradigm shift in attitudes and acceptance of natural and integrative medicine, which is ongoing. Scientific rigor applied to the evaluation of empirically based nutritional, botanical, and other naturopathic treatments continues. Numerous naturopathic institutions are recipients of National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding and other grants to advance medical research. Naturopathic doctors have been awarded competitive NIH fellowships.
Amy Rothenberg ND, president of the Massachusetts Society of Naturopathic Physicians (MSND) reports, “I, along with my colleagues in Massachusetts and across the country, look forward to the opportunity to join the ranks of health care providers in the Commonwealth.  I applaud Governor Baker and the legislative process that studied and vetted this profession for over 24 years and came to understand the unique role that licensed NDs can play in the state.“
Paul Herscu ND, MPH and Massachusetts Society of Naturopathic Doctors Legislative Chair, furthers, “Naturopathic doctors are poised to bring evidence based knowledge and expertise to the Massachusetts clinical, public health, teaching and research settings.”
“This is the second state to gain licensure within the last two months. Governor Wolf of Pennsylvania signed a bill into law in November, bringing to 22 the number of states and jurisdictions that recognize naturopathic medicine,” states Anne McClenon ND of Plymouth.
“Because Massachusetts is surrounded by licensed states, we had become a haven for those without appropriate education and training to use the term naturopathic doctor,” comments Lisa Arnold ND of Cape Cod. This law protects public health by enabling Massachusetts’ citizens to understand credentials of practitioners seen.
“We have a long history in licensed states of providing safe and effective care. In the weeks leading up to Governor Baker’s signing this bill, high level state politicians, Secretaries of Health and Human Services, and members of Departments of Public Health from licensed states weighed in with their positive experiences with naturopathic medicine in their respective states,” adds Allison Willette, ND from Hadley. In addition, insurance company executives, leaders from the business world, medical researchers along with scores of medical doctors and other allied health professionals contacted Governor Baker urging the signing of this bill.
In licensed states, NDs work collaboratively with allied health providers, whether from private practice, in integrative clinics or health care centers, and in clinics that care for the underserved. Massachusetts patients will now be able to safely access the skills and expertise of NDs in the Baystate.

The Massachusetts Society of Naturopathic Doctors (MSND) is the professional association representing licensable naturopathic doctors in the Commonwealth. For further information please contact  http://msnd.org/contact-us/  or 413.658.4461.

Meg’s in Manchester has moved from its location on East Center Street to a new, larger location at 38 North Main Street. MEG PETERSON now owns the three story building, is adding classes, and plans to include practitioners on the second floor. Meg began the store at about the time The Door Opener launched almost 30 years ago. She describes the store as “an inspirational and spiritual boutique filled with all the tools to heal your body and mind.” Her passions in life – art, dance and nutrition – are reflected in the store. With so few alternative shops left, it’s wonderful to see Meg’s expand. She can be reached at (860) 649-9941. (MegsInspirations.com)

MARION PORTER has a new television show, Time For Healing, on Simsbury Community Television. The show introduces the public to different healing modalities and for her first two shows had JON ROE and DORY DZINSKI as her guests to lay the show’s groundwork by discussing the development of holistic health in Connecticut over the last 30 years. Marion is a life-long student of all things metaphysical, spiritual and mystical. The show can be accessed at SimsburyTV.org/v/R2-AFvnDgeI. (StarwindsHealing.com)

The Holistic Chamber of Commerce has formed its fourth Connecticut chapter in Avon. The other chapters are in Hartford, New Haven and Torrington. The national organization supports businesses that promote healthy living. Avon’s first official meeting was held in October and future meetings will be held monthly on the 2nd Tuesday. The Chapter President is WHITNEY CHRISTINA, who can be reached at Avon@HolisticChamberOfCommerce.com or (860) 830-1180. (HolisticChamberOfCommerce.com/CT-Avon)





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