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Enchantments was created by Headmistress and High Priestess Ms. Faith McCann to help those seeking to learn more about the magickal world, by providing a school where one can learn and associate with other like minded magickal people.

Enchantments offers a first year program during which classes are held on Saturday mornings from 10 a.m. to 12 noon. Classes are ongoing and the curriculum is designed for the beginner and intermediate student who wishes to learn more than what is available in books.

Students who enroll into the magickal studies first year program share their experience and learn:

– Spell Casting
– The science of spell casting
– Magickal tools
– Incantations
– ESP and psychic development
– Potions & herbal studies
– Candle magick – Crystals, gems & mineral magick
– Meditation
– Past life regression
– Learning to cast circles
…as well as working the Esbats and celebrating the Sabbats

The first year Magickal Studies Program is designed for serious adult students so that after a year of study they may graduate and work effective magick as a solitary. The student will have gained the training and education, and developed the resources with which to continue their studies on their own after graduation. Students receive a certificate of completion after a year and a day of successful magickal studies training.

Classes are intended for adults 18 and older, and tuition is $100 monthly. Interested parties may contact Enchantments at (860)791-6033 or stop by at 349 East Center Street, Manchester, CT 06040 to register for classes. We reserve the right to admit only interested, serious, like minded individuals to our magickal studies program. We are open Tuesday through Saturday. Visit us at



Gemstone Therapy Institute is the only company in the world that provides both medicinal-grade therapy tools and an alternative-healing school offering meaningful beginner to advanced training in Diamond and Gemstone Therapy.

Founded in 2009 by Isabelle Morton, we teach healing arts practitioners and students who want to join a circle of elite experts who understand the art, science, and transformative potential of gemstone healing in a world where an energy-based approach has become both accepted and essential for overall health and well-being.

We offer introductory classes as well as the opportunity to further your studies and become a Certified Gemstone Therapy Practitioner or a Certified Diamond Therapy Practitioner.

Gemstone Therapy Institute offers online and in-person classes. For information and registration, call (860) 646-3063 or email Visit our website at to see all of our offerings.



The Graduate Institute (TGI) is an independent, not-for-profit institution that is licensed and accredited by the Connecticut Department of Higher Education. TGI prepares people to live in and to make contributions to the modern world by offering intellectually rigorous graduate and adult continuing education programs in emerging and contemporary fields of study.

The Institute is located in Bethany, CT, and classes are offered at additional locations throughout the state. For more information call (203) 874-4252, write to, or visit

Master’s degrees and certificate programs include:

Certificate in Integrative Health Coaching and Patient Navigation – Provides comprehensive training in the art of health coaching and the science of patient navigation, leading to professional credentialing with the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Certificate in Ecotherapy and Cultural Sustainability – Prepares students to deepen their connection to then natural world while activating their ability to help others do the same.

Master of Arts in Integrative Health & Healing – Bridges the gap between complementary/alternative medicine (CAM) and allopathic medicine by engaging students in the practice of humane, empathic, and personalized models of health, wellness, and healing (also available as a certificate program).

Master of Arts in Consciousness Studies – Weaves spiritual wisdom with modern science and psychological insights in an experience-based curriculum that now includes a Transformative Coach Training Track.

Master of Arts in Writing and Oral Tradition – Empowers emerging writers to discover their authentic voice and create compelling written work through an integrated exploration of spoken and written word.

Master of Arts in Learning and Thinking – Offers a holistic, learner-centered approach to education that meets Board of Education standards for teaching certification in the state.



Wednesdays at 6 p.m. – FREE – Sample a class with Hartford Family Institute. You will experience first hand what HFI training is like. We will be showcasing Professional Training Program, Human Relations Program, and our Master’s in Pastoral Counseling. Call (203) 236-6009 or email to sign up.

Hartford Family Institute (HFI) has been a cutting edge psychotherapy and training center since 1969. The psychotherapy created and practiced here is a combination of in-depth body emotional work, energy healing, shamanic spiritual healing, and trauma work. It is called In-Depth Body Psychotherapy and Subtle Energy Healing and is referred to as HFI Therapy. We understand how to work with and transform negative emotional and physical patterns down to the level of DNA. We employ the latest information from quantum physics and brain research, combining it with a spiritual, shamanistic, and humanistic approach. We work with both emotional trauma and physical pain and illness. All the knowledge and wisdom that we have integrated in over 40 years is offered in our training programs for psychotherapists and healers as well as in our training for non-professionals.

The Hartford Family Institute is located at 17 South Highland Street, West Hartford, CT 06119. For information and registration, call (860) 236-6009 or email Visit our website at to see all of our offerings.


PRIVATE STUDY w/ Master Intuitive Coach Lisa Crofton

A unique coaching certification for healers, holistic therapists, counselor/coaches, or human resource professionals.

35 Hours Private One-on-One Study
10 hours outside study

Enhance your coaching abilities with intuitive skill.

Add Intuitive Coaching to your current healing mastery.

Offer your clients distinctive service.

Strengthen your current practice or begin one!

You’re a healer, a master of holistic therapy, or professional counselor or human resources professional; and you are intuitive. Certification in the art of intuitive coaching practices lifts your mastery from ordinary to extraordinary.

Successful, powerful, permanent emotional shifts take more than goal setting, personality tests, and accountability.

Shifts that matter come from guiding your clients to their own emotional guidance system, leading them directly to their own source of wisdom, truth & powerful ability to change. Combined with energy work, holistic therapy or trained counseling practices, intuitive processes create true, fast transformation. Intuitive coaches know this.

45 hour training

Training topics:
Leveraging Your Practice through Intuitive Intelligence
Understanding the Intuitive Process
Connecting Energy & Emotion for Powerful Awareness
Creating the Art of Self Trust – Client & Master
Self Directed Solutions – Tools, Modalities & Results
The Healer/Coach Segue – The Whole Package
Certification Granted at the completion of Course

Cost: $2500; Non-Refundable Deposit: $500; Pay In Full Discount: $2200
Payment Plan after Discount with CC on File.

For Application or More Information Contact Lisa Directly @ (860) 637-2393 or  


Deborah Ravenwood

Wisdom of the Flowers – Saturday & Sunday, September 29 & 30, 2018
Comprehensive learning process of how to understand and practice the guiding principles of the vibrational medicine of flower essences. Deborah Ravenwood will share her extensive knowledge and passion for the wisdom of flowers with those seeking to learn how to embrace the gifts within nature to bring about healing and balance in their lives. This two-day program will both introduce you to the world of plant medicine and give you practical experience to bring to your family or your holistic practice.

Time: 9:45 a.m. to 5 p.m. both Saturday and Sunday with 90-min break for lunch
Cost: $295 – pre-registration and online payment required; early bird registration available.

Classes held at 199 West Center Street in Manchester. For more information, visit or call (860) 432-2081.


Joyce St. Germaine, MEd

Psychic/Spiritual Development –  Introductory and Continuing Studies
There is a strong focus on the connection between spiritual growth and psychic development. Various spiritual empowerment and meditation techniques will be practiced as you learn how to develop gifts that can be used to assist others or to increase your own connection to spirit. Reclaim your gifts and live life more joyfully. These groups are for all levels; beginners who are just starting on their paths as well as experienced mediums and readers who are looking to broaden their gifts and become more confident in their abilities. Pendulums, crystals, various divination cards, numerology, and palmistry will be introduced. Energy healing will be explored and simple, safe soul rescue techniques will be shared. Group and individual practice exercises will accelerate your progress.
Held on the second Wednesday of every month.
Time: 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Cost: $25 ($15 for full time high school or college students)

Shamanism –  Introductory and Continuing
Develop a deep understanding of shamanism and become adept at journeying as you work with animal and spirit helpers. We will focus on healing and restoring balance to self, community, and the planet. Working together to create and utilize community energy, you will learn group and individual healing techniques. Emphasis will be on strengthening spiritual connections and relationships with power animals, spirit helpers, ancestors, the elements, and all aspects of the natural world, including forces both seen and unseen. Cross-cultural shamanic teachings will be explored and traditional and non-traditional approaches will be introduced. These groups are appropriate for any level of experience. All dedicated and compassionate people who wish to initiate positive change in the world are welcome. Please bring a notebook, eye covering, drum  or rattle if you have one, a feather, a fist sized rock, and a personal sacred object.
Held on the third Wednesday of every month.
Time: 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.  Cost: $25 ($15 for full time high school or college students)

Classes taught by Joyce St. Germaine and held at The Sacred Journey, 29 Davis Road, Burlington, CT. For information and registration, all (860) 675-9706 or email Visit


Unity in the Foothills of Torrington, CT, is a very different kind of church. We are a Christ-based group that welcomes people of any faith, any belief, and any creed. There are many paths to God, and each one of them is sacred. We hope to help you discover your own unique path and follow it in your daily life so that you may know the “Peace that passes all understanding.” Our message is about Love, and we believe beholding the Diving Spirit in ourselves and others is what makes us a Spiritual Community, celebrating a world that works for all.

Our weekly services are at 10:30 am on Sundays. We offer Youth Services so that the smaller ones can let their Big Light shine. We have an extensive spiritual bookstore, and we offer frequent classes to help anyone in their quest for God and spiritual peace.

Unity in the Foothills Youth Service – weekly on Sundays at 10:30 a.m.
What will my child gain? Children of a variety of ages are welcome to participate in Unity youth service. We explore Unity concepts and principles through short discussion and stories. We creatively express through art projects, music, and games. We begin service in conjunction with the adult service at 10:30 and then move downstairs to the Sunshine Room for our youth service. Teens are invited to do a self study of topics such as “I of the Storm for Teens”. Karen Mangine is our youth service director and holds a current teacher certification and Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education/Special Education. Besides enjoying being a Kindergarten/First Grade Teacher, Karen is a summer children’s nature educator at a local nature center. We have a team of consistent volunteers that work side by side with Karen in valuing our Unity youth.  Come see what we are all about.

Located at 102 Prospect Street, Torrington, CT 06790. Contact us at (860) 238-7442 or Parking is available behind the church, off Hungerford Street.


Within the vibration of Tibetan Singing Bowls you will feel the power of Sound Healing. You will learn how to choose a bowl that resonates with you, to sound it, to sing it, to hear its message of healing, to heal yourself and others with it. The bowls’ vibrations promote healing by breaking up energetic blocks of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual trauma, thus healing your cells by allowing them to vibrate at their optimum rate.
New classes are forming; call for dates.

Level 1: History of Tibetan Singing Bowls; how to choose your bowl; how to sound it, what to listen for when you do healings. Introduction to Tingshaws and more.
Monday Evening Classes – 6 to 9 p.m.
Tuesday Afternoon Classes – 1 to 4 p.m

Level 2: Using 3 bowls, we will expand our understanding of the healing powers of Tibetan Singing Bowls and Tingshaws.
Monday Evening Classes – 6 to 9 p.m.
Tuesday Afternoon Classes – 1 to 4 p.m.

Level 3: More bowls, bells, gongs, and techniques result in intense healings
Monday Evening Classes – 6 to 9 p.m.
Tuesday Afternoon Classes – 1 – 4 p.m.

Master Class, on April 16, will include nuances which Marie has gained over her years of healing and teaching. More information coming soon.

Gift Certificates – Gift Certificates for healings and/or ceremonies are available for every occasion; presentations, parties, wakes, weddings, funerals and Bar Mitzvahs.

Classes are held at Vibrational Healing Center, 966 Tolland St. East Hartford, CT 06108. Fee: $200 each level. Professional Certificates will be awarded. To register: Call Marie Menut: Cell: (860) 508-8219, Email: or visit her website at




Usui Reiki I – Call for individual or group dates
Time: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Cost: $150

Usui Reiki II – Call for individual or group dates
Time: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Cost: $200

Usui Reiki III/Master – Call for individual or group dates
Time: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Cost: $250

Usui Master/Teacher – $350 (includes six month internship). Call to arrange for dates.
Note: Tibetan symbols given in Usui Reiki III classes.

Karuna Reiki® I and II
10 hours of training on two dates. Cost: $350
(You must be an Usui Master to begin Karuna Reiki® studies.)

Karuna Reiki® Teacher
10 hours of training on two dates. Cost: $300

Reiki Trainings at Manchester Community College – 2018
Reiki I – Saturday, September 29
Reiki II – Saturday, October 27
Reiki III – Saturday, November 17

All classes can be found in the Credit Free Catalog for the college. Contact Manchester Community College for registration at (860) 512-3232 or online at Class limited to 10 students.

Many of Dory’s training sessions are private and are tailored around the specific and individual needs of the student or small group. Dory is a nationally certified Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), body-centered psychotherapy, pastoral counselor, energy therapist and trainer, Certified Spiritual Healer, and Certified Debriefer. She is Editor/Publisher of The Door Opener. Dory has been teaching both Usui Reiki as well as Karuna Reiki® for those who wish to deepen, specify and fine-tune their healing focus since 1998. She was also a teacher at the Institute of Healing Arts and Sciences for three years. She teaches many other spiritually based classes at various locations in Connecticut. Dory maintains her private practice in Collinsville. Call to schedule a class or session at (860) 693-2840 or email at Visit her website to see other offerings at



All Levels of Usui Reiki (I, II, Advanced, Master/Teacher) available.
Call for dates.

Taught by Anne Buchalski, RMT, LMT, CST. We can arrange a class for you (and travel to you) if you have several people interested in training. Classes held in Mansfield, CT or at Windham Hospital. Call (860) 377-1472.


Gayle Franceschetti, MEd, CHT, Reiki Master/Teacher – Certified Energy Healer

Reiki I – call for dates
Reiki is the science and art of activating, directing and applying natural, universal life energy, to promote energy balancing, healing and wholeness. Reiki is one on the more widely known forms of healing.  It attunes you to receive the universal, life force energy. You will learn to do Reiki treatments on yourself and others. Materials/Certification included.
Time: 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.  Cost: $125 (creative financing available)

Reiki II –  call for dates
Reiki is the science and art of activating, directing and applying natural, universal life energy, to promote energy balancing, healing and wholeness. Reiki II attunes higher frequencies of energy enhancing your healing work. Second Degree or Reiki II certification class teaches ancient, powerful and precise healing symbols. You will gain the ability to heal mental, emotional, and past life issues and heal from a distance. Your Reiki II attunement is the next step toward empowerment and healing; a quantum leap in your effectiveness as An Advanced Reiki Practitioner.
Time: 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.  Cost: $150

Reiki III – call for dates
Reiki is the science and art of activating, directing and applying natural, universal life energy, to promote energy balancing, healing and wholeness. Reiki III attunes higher frequencies of energy enhancing your healing work. Third Degree or Reiki III/Advanced Practitioner certification class teaches ancient, powerful and precise healing symbols. You will also learn processes in aura cleaning, body and brain balancing, and working with crystals. Reiki III includes your certification class plus 3 additional night sessions for reviews of healing sessions done by Reiki III participants. Your Reiki III attunement is the next step toward empowerment and healing; a quantum leap in your effectiveness as An Advanced Reiki Practitioner.
Time: 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.  Cost $250

Gayle Franceschetti, MEd., CHT, founder of the “L.O.V.E. Institute,” is an internationally known intuitive counselor, healer and Reiki Master, a graduate of the Institute of Healing Arts and Sciences, a Certified Hypnotherapist and does past life regressions. Gayle has studied privately with Madre Sarita, herself a Toltec Shaman and mother of Don Miguel Ruiz, the author of the The Four Agreements. Gayle has been consecrated by Madre Sarita as a healer in the Toltec way. She holds Master Degrees in Education and Counseling. Call Gayle at (203) 265-2927 or email her at Classes held at 36 Cheshire Road, Wallingford. Visit her website at




Kripalu Yoga. Relieve stress and regain a sense of balance and well-being as you learn classical Hatha Yoga postures, breathing and deep relaxation and meditation techniques, increasing flexibility, concentration, strength and inner peace. Beginner/intermediate with Anne Buchalski.

Classes are held at Windham Hospital, Mondays 4:30 to 5:45 p.m. Call (860) 377-1472.


ProYoga Therapeutics facilitates classes, workshops and private sessions that provide the therapeutic benefits of yoga to everybody and every body by customizing practices for all ability levels.

What is Therapeutic Yoga?
Therapeutic Yoga is a system of self-care that focuses on easy to learn exercises and techniques that can be done anywhere and anytime to promote:
* Health and balance in the physical body
* Efficiency in breathing and energy levels
* Relaxation, calm and ease in the mind

Classes are easy to moderate and suitable for beginners. Please wear loose comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat and a light blanket. All levels welcome.

Bloomfield Leisure Services, 330 Park Avenue, Bloomfield, CT
Thursday evenings 7 to 8:30 p.m.
Register and information: (860) 242-2923

YMCA, Albany Avenue, Hartford, CT
Wednesday morning 10 to 11 a.m.
Thursday morning 12 noon to 1 p.m. (Chair Yoga)
Register and information: (860) 241-9622

Beth Gibbs, MA, E-RYT 500, is a certified yoga therapist with Integrative Yoga, a senior member of the IYT teaching faculty, and directs the school’s Professional Yoga Therapist Internship Program.

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