January Events


FARMINGTON – Farmington Hypnosis & Awareness Center L.L.C.
Psychic Development Class  –  ALTHEA DEPASCALE
Psychic intuition, is also called your “sixth sense,” the energy connection deep within that allows you to know things beyond your five senses. It can be experienced as a deep internal “knowing” or a “gut feeling,” or, perhaps just an uncomfortable sensation somewhere in your body. Most people have experienced some sort of intuitive feeling at some point in their life. Intuition/Energy… A union “synergy,” that can influence your day to day situations, events, or choices. Our goal is to awaken you to your own psychic abilities, and to help you to recognize and interpret the messages you receive.  Then build your confidence and encourage you to develop your intuitive gifts to their fullest potential.  Held at 128 Garden Street. Contact and registration: (860) 860 677-8650 or acdepascale@comcast.net.
Time: 7:30  to 9:30 p.m. Cost $15 no handicap access.

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