Soul Light Expo


Sunday, May 19, 2019
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Farmington Gardens, 999 Farmington Avenue, Farmington, CT

$5 admission 

Vendor Application – SoulLightApplMay2019

Our May 2019 expo will be our 11th Soul Light Expo. This one is different! We will be featuring a complimentary soiree-type atmosphere at 11:30 a.m. with 20 cheeses and crackers, fruits, vegs and dips. There will be complimentary water, soda and juice throughout the day; coffee and tea will be available for $2.

We are also excited to present tented vendors on the grounds – rain or shine! 


Akira Moon Enchantments – Britney –
Spellbinding jewelry and decor inspired by nature.

Angel Connections – Barbara Hardie –
Founder/director of Angel Connections, ordained minister, award-winning author of 3 books, certified healer, medium & counselor, international speaker. *Creating Heaven on Earth: A Guide to Personal Ascension, Soul Releasement: Assisting Souls Into the Light, and Darkness: Where Does it Come From?

Angelic Serenity – Jordan Taylor –
Intuitive reader and medium with over 15 years experience. Connecting to spiritual guides, angels and loved ones on your behalf for guidance to empower, inspire and heal. Helping others to live their best lives possible is my passion.

Aura Inspired Illuminations – Kerri Letellier –
Kerri is a Registered Nurse and certified Holistic Biopulsar Reflexograph Analyst. She analyzes your energetic biofield (aura) and chakra functions providing one-of-a-kind, unique, spot-on readings along with personalized 4×6 color image. Longer readings analyze 45 organs and glands. She does events, fairs and parties. “What are the Color of Your Story?”

Auriculotherapy – Cheryl Roy
Auriculotherapy is based in Traditional Chinese Medicine. “Seeds” are used to stimulate pressure points on the ear to promote positive effects elsewhere or throughout the body. This modality can be used to promote improvement in a variety of concerns such as pain, insomnia, anxiety, depression, allergies, post-surgery, etc.

Barker, Lori –
Spiritual art and oracle card decks.

Believe in the Magick – Steven Adelstein – Etsy: Magickal Healing Shop
An Apothecary for Bath, Beauty, & Wellness – as salon owners, we’re passionate about providing our customers with natural, cruelty free products that enhance their healthy lifestyle. Our concept is combining the beauty industry with the healing stones and essential oils industry as more look to integrate natural methods. Synergy Roll-ons: Essential oils & healing stones; Bath Products; Crystal Hair Jewelry

Blue Sky Path to Balance – Tina
Vibrational Sound Therapy with tuning forks, biofield tuning and Reiki, relieving stress, bringing balance, and promoting healing.

Boyer, Martina –
Cowrie Shell Divination has been used by the Daggra poop’ in West Africa for thousands of years. It is a powerful tool to connect with your ancestors and guides. Whenever you would like a new perspective, need clarity on something, or make a change in your life, a cowrie sell reading is a great choice.

Bumm, Rev. Jackie
Rev. Jackie Bumm a gifted psychic medium oracle from Kentucky. Jackie knew she had gifts in childhood, her medium abilities came later in life. As a channel she doesn’t read cards, she receives messages from Source, Guides, Masters. Jackie is a professional psychic medium working in Connecticut and New England.

Christensen, Susette
Certified reflexologist, certified crystal healer, and Reiki Master. Susette will be selling crystals, essential oil sprays, reflexology rings and crystal jewelry.

Dolphin Dreams – Judy McGann –
Hand-crafted jewelry – unique wire-wrapped gemstones.

Eagle Flight Healing, LLC – Cathy
Shamanic energy medicine helps one expand their sense of self and presence, resulting in vitality, joy, confidence, well-being by releasing negativities including lack of self-worth, self-imposed limitations, poor beliefs and attitudes brought on by emotions and traumatic events. Soul retrieval returns soul loss from agreements made with life.

Earth, Wind and Spirit Artisan and Holistic Center – Carol Clark –
We welcome everyone. Our unified community offers a wide variety of holistic, artistic, apothecary, crystals, retail and various services. We have a variety of classes and workshops to help you on your path. We look forward to welcoming you to our special community.

Eckankar – Chris Chessari –
Each of us is connected to God through Divine Spirit (the Eck), which can be heard as sound and seen as light. Eckankar offers a spiritual tool kit to help you experience the Light and Sound of God.

Elemental Allies – John Mathers – Facebook: Elemental Allies
Handmade wire-wrappings using over 80 different varieties of precious stones and crystals, wrapped in their raw forms to celebrate the natural beauty of Earth. Cost and handmade singing bowls and Ting-Shaws, and other new age gifts.

Evernia Fay – Evie Fay –
Divination, spirit work, magick. A reading with Evernia is like nothing you’ve experienced before. She facilitates life coaching as well as spiritual counseling and ancestral/lifepath healing through the voices and symbolism of the bones. With Inspired guidance from the Spirit World, Evernia will help you uncover meaningful answers and pathways to understanding.

Feather’s Touch Healing and Animal Communication – Kim
Kim is able to communicate with animals that are both alive and crossed over. All she needs is a photo of the pet. A session with Kim could provide healing, behavioral insight, and understanding to a caretaker about their pet.

Fun Times Jewelry – Heather Pagano –
Beautiful jewelry at affordable prices. Our concept is carried over to our beautiful and unique gemstone items which include trees, spheres, carves animals, and raw gemstones.

Gottlieb, Heather –
Psychic medium. I talk to spirit, read tarot cards, angel cards and the pendulum. I also do past life readings.

Great Mayan Medicine Wheel – Dawn Drew – (on TV menu, click on “Believe It”)
Reader. Birth name, Life Path charting, BS removal.

Grieco, Noelle
Reiki energy healing services for children, animals and adults.

Harrington, Diane K.
Medium, empath, diviner, stone sortiledge, tarot. I am a medium who uses sortiledge (stone castings) and tarot to divine (shed light) in the areas of life in which there might be some confusion. This clarity will aid in making important life changes.

Heartstone Labyrinths, LLC – Greg Coleman –
I offer over 100 Intentional Labyrinth Designs which are new designs that embody specific intentions for growth and healing. Each finger labyrinth is painted on canvas and comes with a handbook about its use. I make new designs for individuals and also design and install outdoor labyrinths.

Inner Essence – Peggy & Don Valliere – Facebook: Inner Essence
Minerals and crystals, jewelry, spheres, pendulums, etc. Something for everyone.

Inner Mountain Peak Healing – Shari Dorman –
Shari uses a person centered, holistic approach to wellness as a Licensed Professional Counselor. She has been working in the field with a specialization in trauma since 2007 after earning a Master’s Degree in Professional Counseling. She is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Master teacher in Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), Certified Hypno-therapist, Certified CPT practitioner and she has completed level 2 Energy Psychology training.

InverseMystic – Kiki Lenti
Inversemystic is a practicing pagan who specializes in crystal readings and cleansings. My readings focus on your spiritual path and messages from guides. I also offer hand-crafted crystal merchandise.

Mark Iwanicki –
Mark has studied the Hermetic Arts of Tarot, numerology, Kabala, and astrology for over 20 years. The noise, hustle and bustle of modern life can drown out the quiet knowing within. A collaborative analysis of the Hermetic Arts helps to amplify the still small voice of our core self.

Jessie Spirit Guide –
Spirit guide artist, clairvoyant, medium. I sketch your spirit guide while channeling info from Spirit concerning your spirit guide, origin name, id your spiritual gifts, id a gem to heighten your energy, two spirit animals ID that will confirm all info received which enhances the session. New this year: I will assign you a soul color.

Journey with Janet / Floating Lotus Jewelry – Janet Weinberg,
Tarot / Insight / Intuitive readings to help guide you in the most loving and gentle way for you to move forward on your path. Handmade jewelry made with genuine Swarovski crystals, sterling silver and gemstones; bracelets, necklaces, earrings, etc. along with Crystal Insight Cards. All jewelry 30% off.

Journeys: Holistic Wellness and Anxiety Relief Center – Brittany Quagan & Jessica Dorner –
Journeys is a safe, judgment-free space where you can heal, grow and be empowered. We offer life coaching, mind/body wellness, Reiki, tarot readings, nutrition education and counseling, meditation, and so much more to help you achieve your goals. Where will your journey take you?

Karn, Psychic Medium –
Karn is a gifted psychic medium who does readings by either taking your hands or the use of Psycards. She has over 20 years’ experience as a professional reader and will deliver your messages to you with the kindness and directness you deserve.

Life in Colors – Lisa Roy –
Aura imaging and readings.

Life’s Healing Energy – Linda Ciotto –
I will be offering craniosacral therapy and energy healing which is a light touch that releases tension within the body for whole body healing.

Live By The Sun Feel By The Moon – Gina Goldstein –
Gina is a Reiki Master Practitioner, Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner, and Animal Reiki Practitioner. Gina has a Masters of Science in School Counseling and a post-Masters Certificate in Professional Counseling. Gina has over 13 years of experience working as a high school counselor. Sessions scheduled in Farmington, CT.

LoThEMaR Opals – Timothy Stefanoski –
Makers of handmade opal and gemstone jewelry.

L.O.V.E. Lightworker of Vibrational Energies, LLC – Gayle Franceschetti –
L.O.V.E. Institute present The Four Agreements, Young Living essential oils, crystal and hematite jewelry, meditation CDs, flyers for workshop and power journeys.

Mediumship Journeys with Maria – Maria Grove
Professional medium offering 15 minute sessions for $20 each. Go on a Mediumship Journey with Maria.

Melissa Anne Creations – Melissa –
Melissa Anne Creations bring you Reiki-charged crystal candles to bring healing energies to your home.

Mindful Self Health – Art Peterson
Certified pure, therapeutic essential oils can improve your physical and emotional well-being while providing support for your respiratory, digestive, immune and endocrine systems.

Moran, Nancy R.
Genuine gemstone and pearl jewelry at affordable prices – all handmade and some hand-knotted. Boho to conservative styles … something for everyone.

Nova Luxe Studios – Tiffany DeAngelo –
Handmade wire trees of life and treescapes. I will be demonstrating my craft at my booth.

Other Worldly Waxes – Amy Wilson –
Celebrating over 25 years of Candle Magick!

Poor Me Tea, LLC – Kara Lynch –
Are you ready to make a change and explore your full potential? Poor Me Tea’s Chakra Tea Meditations are unique, inspiring meditations created to release the energy of old patterns and behaviors while simultaneously tapping into your innate strengths. Chakra Tea Meditation card deck, online courses, live workshops.

Readings by Denise – Denise DiFranco –
I am an intuitive tarot reader that uses my cards as a tool to deepen my connection with Spirit and to open the visions that guide me. I can guide you on your path and validate your feelings. I will give you a no-nonsense reading with honesty and truth.

Reiki Healing Stone Company – Lisa
Healing stone and crystal jewelry, loose stones, geodes and singing bowls that have been infused with Reiki.

Reiki Rejuvenation – Marie Marchesseault –
Experience Rainbow Reiki and Angel Healing treatments that will support every area of your life – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Your issues will be clarified and addressed with deeply relaxing and healing energies.

Reiki Will Travel – Cheryl Benanti
A mobile service offering Reiki in your home, at your business, or special events. Office space is also available.

Rock ‘n Bone – Jerry Marchand
Natural minerals and crystals, Celtic and harp CDs

Sacred Space Malas – Paula Bush –
Reiki charges mala beads, necklaces, bracelets, and more. Paula uses semi-precious gemstones and includes a card explaining the unique qualities of the stone with each piece. Paula is also the co-creator of the “Seeking Within” oracle and motivational deck of cards.

Sage Sisters Apothecary – Stephanie Vogt –
We will be offering a variety of crystals and metaphysical items to help you with crystal healing, smudging, rituals, etc.

Soul Werks – Jessica Bachand –
Soul Werks provides energy healing, including Reiki and Akashic healings, intuitive life coaching, natural, personal cure products, and crocheted crafts.

Spiritual Web Communications LLC – Linda McCracken –
Linda McCracken provides Tarot readings and spirit art of loved ones who have passed over.

Stairway to Healing Light, LLC – Denise Cassella –
Reiki Master Teacher and sound healer / interfaith minister. Angelic and Native American spirits intuitive. QiGong associate instructor and shamanic.

Tools for the Heart – Grant Cahill –
We will match you with the perfect mineral to answer your concerns or to put you on the road to enlightenment.

The Transcendence Channel – David
The Transcendence Channel presents Beyond Enlightenment – The New Spiritual Activism. We are called upon through our energy and biology to activate the next stage of evolution. The answer to saving our world and everything within it is the second phase of evolution through our awakened and expanded awareness.

The Traveling Intuitive – Kristyn Neal –
Kristyn is a certified psychic/medium-intuitive. As a 3rd generation reader, she was never without someone to share her experiences. Each reading is customized to provide guidance on past, present, and future life situations. Kristyn may use cards and energy as guidance from your angels, guides and family.

Trinity School of Mystical Energy Healing – Polly Jo Labbe –
We will be providing free Multi-Dimensional Quantum healings in addition to selling channeled essential oil empowerment blends and tools to awaken your Soul’s transformation.

Trish’s Jewelry and Gifts –
Handmade, holistic Reiki energy infused wire wrapped crystals, semiprecious stones and jewelry.

Underground Truffles Chocolate – Lisa McDonald –
We offer a unique chocolate experience. Made fresh with no added preservatives, flavors or dyes. Enjoy!

Unicorn Meadow Farm Wellness Center – Nancy Allen –
We host a variety of energy practitioners and teachers. The Farm provides a magical and serene setting for events, workshops, and private sessions. Check the monthly listings on our website. You are sure to find something of interest.

Zentastic Wellness – Fred Maerkle –
Holistic energy sound healing and Reiki – utilizing tuning forks, Tibetan singing bowls, and other sound healing tools.

Zucker, Sherrill – Psychic Medium and Past Lives Readings –
Every reading with Sherrill is tailored to the client’s interests: mediumship (contact with the Other Side); past lives (previous incarnations); a glimpse of the future, spiritual guidance, and more. The client can choose one of these or any combination – and always in a warm, welcoming, non-judgmental atmosphere. Cash or credit.

Benefit: WAG – We Adopt Greyhounds

Inner Mountain Peak Healing – 30-minute Reiki session Gift Certificate
Jessie Spirit Guide – 45-minute phone reading and one handmade Photo Art card
Journey with Janet – Deck of Crystal Insight Cards
Journeys: Holistic Wellness – Gift Certificate for one session
Life in Colors – $125 Gift Certificate for services only
Live by the Sun Feel by the Moon – one intuitive Reiki session
L.O.V.E. – Body Energy “Tune Up” session
Cheryl Roy Auriculotherapy – discount coupon
Mindful Self Health – Essential Oil Kit for pain – energy – mood – sleep with instructions and free Health Coach consultation
Transcendence Channel – Phone healing session
Feather’s Touch Animal Communication – 30-minute Animal Communication session
LoThEMaR Opals – handmade opal necklace
Eagle Flight Healing – 7-chakra illumination (see vendor for complete information)
Unicorn Farm – $30 Gift Certificate
Poor Me Tea LLC – Chakra Tea Meditation Card Deck
Martina Boyer – Cowrie shell reading
Soul Werks – Crocheted “happy plans” and a healing salve
Nancy Moran – Pearl and leather choker necklace
Susette Christensen – 30-min Reflexology session
Spiritual Web Communications – Free remote Tarot reading
Earth, Wind & Spirit – wire-wrapped crystal necklace and one 30-min psychic phone reading with Kathi Munson
Underground Truffles Chocolate – 6-piece truffle gift box (value $17)
Heather Gottlieb – $20 off IM reading and 24 free cards
Akira Moon Enchantments – crystal filled flower
Rev. Jackie Bumm – 20-minute reading
Karn – one-hour reading
Dolphin Dreams – wrapped gemstone
Zentastic Wellness – gift certificate for 60-min sound healing
Reiki Will Travel – 30 minute session plus one candle
Nova Luxe Studios – small wire tree
Stairway to Healing Light – $25 gift certificate
Fun Times Jewelry – necklace
Aura Inspired Illuminations – aura cleanser essence spray ($15 value)
Tools for the Heart – 2.75” selenite ball
Reiki Rejuvenation – 90-minute Rainbow Reiki session
Elemental Allies – wire-wrapped selenite with 18” snake chain
Diane Harrington – gift certificate for a free 20-minute reading
Rock ‘n Bone – Himalayan pink quartz
Trish’s Jewelry – wire-wrapped pendant
Blue Sky Path to Balance – 1 hour Biofield Tuning session or 1 hour Reiki – in person or by distance
Inverse Mystic – crystal necklace
Trinity School of Mystical Energy Healing – Emotional Healing Kit


11 a.m. Angels, Guides and Masters – Chris Chessari, Eckankar
Spiritual guides and masters are available to work with you at any time you would like their assistance. Share your experiences with angels, guides and masters and listen to the stories of others.

12 noon  Be A Magician: Learn to Transform Your Thoughts Through Love – Gayle Franceschetti, Lightworker of Vibrational Energies
Allow your magic to flow forth easily from your authentic self! Learn new tools and techniques to implement in your life to bring forth a world of even greater happiness and joy!

1 p.m.  Detox and Lose Weight with Essential Oils – Art Peterson, Mindful Self Health
Our bodies are being polluted by toxic chemicals causing cancer, Parkinson’s, diabetes, and many other diseases. You will learn how essential oils can help detox your body improving your health.

2 p.m.  What is the New Spiritual Activism? – David Case, The Transcendence Channel
You will often hear well-meaning people say, “Don’t expect to change the world, instead work on changing yourself.” Important as personal work is, I say do not listen to the first part. We can change the world; we just have been led away from that possibility through millenia of misdirection. The time for success of this action is now but fleeting In a spiritual cooperative effort, we all have the power to transform this world. Awakening, also known as Kundalini, is the great social equalizer. Through cooperative realization and wielding of this awareness and power, we can create the next stage of human and planetary evolution.

3 p.m.  Digestive Health: An RD Perspective with a Spiritual Twist – Jessica Dorner, Journeys: Holistic Wellness and Anxiety Relief Center
Jessica is a Registered Dietition as well as a Reiki practitioner and psychic medium. She will present on the clinical and energetic aspects of digestive health. Tips for healthier digestive system will be included. A handout will be available after the presentation

VENDORS NOTE:  We are SOLD OUT of 6′ rectangular tables, 6′ round tables, and workshop spots. We still have plenty of room on the grounds if you wish to bring a tent (reduced price for grounds). 


The Door Opener Magazine began in 1986 as a way to connect spiritual seekers with resources in Connecticut. It was a very successful magazine that was sold around the state in stores and by subscription. After 30 years and 120 gorgeous covers, we decided to convert to only online and not produce hard copy magazines any longer. But we still wanted to be that connector of seekers and resources. In addition to our website, which was launched in 1990, we expanded into Soul Light Expos, where practitioners, readers, retailers, etc. could meet the public directly. Our upcoming expo in May 2019 will be our 11th annual Soul Light Expo. Each expo consists of vendors, workshops, and a teacup raffle for a cause. Here is our list of prior expos and the causes we have contributed to:

October 2014 – Crowne Plaza, Cromwell
May 2015 – Aqua Turf, Plainville
October 2015 – Crowne Plaza, Cromwell
April 2016 – Holiday Inn, East Hartford
August 2016 – Best Western, North Haven
October 2016 – Crowne Plaza, Cromwell
June 2016 – Holiday Inn, East Hartford
October 2017 – Radisson Hotel (formerly Crowne Plaza), Cromwell
June 2018 – Doubletree Hilton, Bristol
October 2018 – Red Lion Hotel, Cromwell

The charities we have contributed to over the years have been: WAG (We Adopt Greyhounds), Heroes & Hounds, a private community cancer patient, National Pancreas Foundation, National Kidney Foundation, EARS (CT Emergency Animal Response Service), and ASPCA for hurricane relief efforts.

Soul Light CrewOur Soul Light crew is always there to assist you! Meet Gail, Gabrielle, and Josh. They will help you move in, move out, and assist you with whatever you need during the day! They just can’t help you set up your booth – we can’t stretch them that thin!


LOVE OUR LOGO? Be sure to get a t-shirt! High quality and extremely comfortable! We will have all sizes at all our shows (S,M,L,XL – all $20) but if you want to order one ahead of time, go to our Pay My Bill page – we’ll ship it right off to you!

IMPORTANT INFORMATIONSales and Use Tax Form information from CT Department of Revenue Services about Flea Markets, Craft Shows and Fair – Click HERE  

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