April Events


Grad InstBETHANY – The Graduate Institute
Information Session:  Learn about The Graduate Institute
Holistic, Transformative Education. Enrolling now!  Master of Arts & Certificates in Integrative Health & Healing, Learning & Thinking (an ideal program for teachers), Organizational Leadership, Consciousness Studies, Transpersonal Psychology, Writing & Oral Traditions, Ecotherapy and Coaching with Spirit. One Weekend Per Month! Held at The Graduate Institute, 171 Amity Road.  Contact:  Phone (203) 874-4252. Contact: email: admissions@learn.edu Visit website: learn.edu
Time:  6:30 to 7:30 p.m.  Cost: Free


HourihanHOLLAND, MA – Home of Teacher
13D MDT Workshop – LIN HOURIHAN, School of Esoteric Sciences Teacher
Warmly Invite Holistic Practitioners and Everyone who feels called to Expand, Renew Energy, receiving Meditations, Activations, Practice Sessions, in this 4-Day Workshop, 32 hour Workshop. Certification from School of Esoteric Sciences. When was the last time you refreshed yourself in more expanded consciousness and awareness vibrations in a loving setting with like-minded people? Held at 3 Lake Drive. Contact Lin linhourihan@yahoo.com ; www.lindahourihan.wordpress.com
Time: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily   Cost: $480, includes $80 non-refundable deposit by March 30. Check and credit cards accepted


CROMWELL – Courtyard Marriott  
Magical Spring Moon ~ Psychic & Vendor Fair 
All Welcome! Stop by and enjoy a reading with our psychics, mediums, spirit drawings and angel & tarot card readers. Check out our Vendors offering jewelry, crystals, essential oils, pottery, artwork, clothing, other handcrafted items and unique metaphysical items. Relax with a mini Reiki session, chair massage, shamanic and sound healing sessions with our healing practitioners. This Event is hosted by: Simply Peaceful Healing LLC. Follow this Event on Facebook. Held at 4 Sebethe Drive.
Contact: joanwitherell@gmail.com
Time: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Cost: $5 Admission  ~ Children 12 & Under Free

FARMINGTON – Farmington Hypnosis & Awareness Center L.L.C
Medium Training Class – ALTHEA DEPASCALE
What is a medium? A medium is a person with an ability to visit energy vibrations beyond the normal five senses. By moving into these other vibrations of energy, a medium can access information from the past, future and from those who are in spirit. Class description: this is an ongoing Medium class held on the last Saturday month. The goal of the first class is to determine if there is an interest. To develop as a Medium creating a consistent, confident and interactive group to practice and improve your skills as a medium is the best way to learn. There will be opportunities to learn how to connect, trust and interpret information. Participants will be shown how to focus on improving the ability to connect to spirit by first learning to quiet the mind. Once obtaining that inner quiet, connecting to the subtle energies of the inner self. The class will then practice the skill of visiting other energy vibrations while looking for guidance, provide proof of the continuity of life by allowing spirit to communication. Held at 128 Garden Street. Contact and reservations: (860) 677-8650 or acdepascale@comcast.net
Time: 10 a.m. to 12 noon   Cost: $15

WILLIMANTIC – First Spiritualist Church of Willimantic
Evidential Mediumship – Advanced Techniques That Work – REV. STEPHEN HERMANN
Stephen Hermann, internationally known healer, medium and teacher, works personally with individuals to heighten intuitive perception. Intensive hands-on workshop for students with an established working relationship with Spirit. Sign up for Mediumship Mechanics if your proficiency hasn’t reached this level. Covers: receiving accurate, specific messages by seeing, hearing, sensing, highly detailed information like dates, places, events, distinguish your thoughts from psychic impressions, overcoming blockages, advanced symbology, clear interpretation of clairvoyant imagery without distortion. Held at 268 High Street. Contact: (860) 423-5774 or website: http://firstspiritualistchurch.org/
Time: 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.   Cost: Register by April 6 $55, $60 Starting April 7 or at the door. Print & complete sign up sheet from our website.

WILLIMANATIC – First Spiritualist Church of Willimantic
Mediumship Mechanics – REV. STEPHEN HERMANN
Stephen Hermann is an international healer, medium and teacher. Students from novice to the evidential medium can benefit immensely from this workshop. Covers: the amazing power of high sense perception, turning on your mediumship, channeling accurate messages from recognizable loved ones & guides, incredible secrets utilized by mediumship masters. The Mind, Higher Levels of Meditation, Attunement, Seeing, Hearing, Sensing the Spirit World, The Aura and Subtle Bodies, Third Eye and Accurate Clairvoyance, Getting Yourself Out of the Way, Psychic Protection. Held at 268 High Street. Contact: (860) 423-5774 or website: http://firstspiritualistchurch.org/
Time: 2 to 5 p.m.   Cost: Register by April 6 $55, $60 Starting April 7 or at the door. Print & complete sign up sheet from our website.


WILLIMANTIC – First Spiritualist Church of Willimantic
Healing Mastery: Channeling Higher Levels of Light – REV. STEPHEN HERMANN
Stephen Hermann is an international healer, medium and teacher. This workshop is intended for healers with introductory training to the Advanced Spiritual Healer. If you want to: expand as a healing channel, challenge your present level, achieve a stronger connection with Spirit for more effective results, genuinely advance your healing abilities, this exciting, hands-on workshop is exactly what you need. Learn how to deepen your connection to your Spirit Healers and channel more powerful healing vibrations. Held at 268 High Street. Contact: (860) 423-5774 or website: http://firstspiritualistchurch.org/
Time: 1 to 4 p.m.   Cost: Register by April 6 $55, $60 Starting April 7 or at the door. Print & complete sign up sheet from our website.


FARMINGTON – Farmington Hypnosis & Awareness Center L.L.C.
Psychic Development Class –  Past Life Readings using Tarot Cards – ALTHEA DEPASCALE
Do it yourself and expand your intuitive abilities while having fun learning how to read tarot cards in another way other than in a traditional style. I will provide a variety of tarot decks for this experience such as oracle cards, fairy cards, Native American cards, and traditional tarot cards. You are also welcome to bring your own. The intention for the class is to have several interactive experiences with the other participants attending the class. You will share reading with each other helping you to develop your intuitive skills. There will be plenty of practice as well as constructive feedback that will guide you while facilitating past life readings. It’s enjoyable and informative; you will gain enough confidence to begin practicing past life readings with your friends and family. Held 128 Garden Street. Contact and registration: (860) 677-8650 or acdepascale@comcast.net
Time: 7:30 to 9:30 p.m.   Cost: $15

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