March Events


ROCKY HILL – Constellations
Harness Your Inner Magic! – LARISSA THERA & DAVID VADA
This transformative program teaches starseed kids how to utilize and protect their energetic fields, trust their intuition, and tap into their inner knowing. Using a combination of meditation, discussion, creation, and play, we will explore our energetic fields surrounding our bodies, energetic protection, chakras, and awareness of the energy all around us. AGES 5-10. Contact: or    Held at 30 Cold Spring Road.
Time: 4 to 5 p.m.   Cost: $15 per class


ROCKY HILL – Constellations
Light Language Academy – LARISSA THERA & DAVID VADA
Unlock your child’s spiritual potential with Constellations: Light Language Academy at Unassailable Soul. Through fun meditations, activities and games, our program helps starseed kids remember how to speak and communicate using light language, while promoting free movement and expression. AGES 5-10. Contact: or    Held at 30 Cold Spring Road.
Time:5 to 6 p.m.  Cost: $15 per class


Windham – In Person AND Zoom
Firewalk Facilitators Training / Elite Trainer – SAGE MOFFITT
Spiritual Coaches, Therapists, Light Workers, & Healers: Thinking about adding a FIREWALK to your program?! Would you like to add a new experience to your offering? Take clients to a much deeper level of transformation. Offer something unique and STAND OUT in a sea of competition. Train as a Certified Firewalk Facilitator. Ignite empowerment within your participants to align with the Spirit of Fire and catalyze life-changing transformations. Dive deep into this immersive 7-day on-line program. Discover and explore sacred ceremony, fire setup, establish a profound connection to the elements, dynamics of firewalking, and acquire powerful purification techniques, all from the comfort of your own space. Class size is limited, so seize this opportunity and schedule a Free Discovery Call. Embrace a transformative journey through the Sacred Gateway of Fire. Come. Let’s Walk! Contact at or visit

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