CT Psychic & Beyond Soul Light Expo



CT Psychic & Beyond Soul Light EXPO

Thank you to all who participated in this Expo – the phenomenal vendors, fabulous presenters, and wonderful attendees! Experiences, education, healings, and lessons abounded throughout our weekend. Thank you so very much!     Dory 


This brand new event was the combination of Dory Dzinski’s Soul Light Expos and Rebecca LoCicero’s Psychic & Beyond EXPOS! We are so excited to join forces and present the most awesome psychic expo in Connecticut`


Mohegan Sun Earth Expo & Convention Center
One Mohegan Drive, Uncasville, CT

A weekend full of adventure with countless opportunities for readings, education, healing, and growth. 

This is the largest psychic expo in Connecticut! Come spend the day or both days! Get a reading with highly acclaimed psychics, mediums, intuitives, tarot readers, astrologers, and more! Receive a healing with a professional bodyworker or energy worker, or experience a sound healing or crystal energy session.

Shop for all of your New Age products such as crystals and gemstones, incense, oils, sacred jewelry, artwork, talismen, books, sound healing tools, divination items, and countless other spiritually based products as well as items from many other kinds of crafters. 

Enjoy a weekend full of healing for your mind, body, spirit, and soul! Free presentations throughout both days with admission. Several Forever Family Foundation Certified Mediums will be presenting workshops and will be available at their booths as well. 

Get your tickets NOW through Eventbrite! (They will also be sold at the door!) https://www.eventbrite.com/e/ct-psychic-beyond-soul-light-expo-tickets-525266916487?aff=ebdssbdestsearch


1 – Life in Colors, LLP – We specialize in Aura and Energy Scans, psychic mediumship and mediumship readings. Offering today Aura and Energy scans. Contact us for other services. We accept Cash, Credit cards, and Venmo. Phone 1-203-305-1154, lifeincolors333@gmail.com, facebook@lifeincolorsllp

2 – Stairway to Healing Light – Rev. Denise Cassella is a Reiki Master Teacher at Enfield Adult Education and Sound Master Teacher at Vernon Adult Regional Based Education offering stress relaxation classes and services of Reiki and Sound Vibrational Healing with Spiritual and Shamanic spin as needed.

3 – Reading from the Heart with Jordan Taylor – Jordan Taylor is a psychic reader, doing mediumship & intuitive style readings, including angel/oracle card readings. Jordan gives intuitive messages from angels and guides as well. Jordan is also a Reiki master & hypnotist.

4 – Quiet Corner Float – In the float you are in a near-zero gravity state which gives your body a chance to relax. You’re also reducing external sensory input to your brain, with reduced light and reduces sound which gives your brain a much needed break from processing.

5 – Dimes from Heaven – Monica wrote three books about signs proving the after-life. She is an intuitive and spiritual card reader and a Reiki Master and instructor. She is passionate about soul-care, where true spiritual seekers look to find joy, happiness, and spiritual connection.

6 – Katie Cavenagh – Feel Your Light – Katie Cavenagh is a vibrational alignment specialist who uses sound, mediumship, mindset reframing, the power of words, and energy healing techniques to help shift others to a more constructive timeline.

7-8 – S.N. Tibet and Himalayan Handcrafts – Samphel Norbu Tibet Arts and Handcrafts specializes in genuine Tibetan singing bowls, bells, gongs, tingshas, arts, for over 25 years. Always offer free tibetan healing bowl lessons. We promote and help local artisans and craftsmen by bringing out handmade bags, unique dresses, nomads jewelry, himalayan crystals etc. We are one stop shop for yoga, reiki, feng shui & meditation accessories.

9 – Modern Self-Care – Self-care transforms your life and the lives of everyone around you. How would it feel to experience more joy and less stress? To be more energized, purposeful, and aligned? It’s time to make yourself a priority and find out.

10 – The8thElementt – The8thElementt provides hand crafted crystal wraps, intentional jewelry, spiritual tools & home décor. Reiki charged, ethically sourced & water safe. Follow us @The8thelementt or www.The8thElementt.com All payments accepted.

11 – Psychic Medium Kimmy Angelique – A multigenerational psychic medium and spiritual healer who has dedicated her life to empowering individuals to find healing, happiness, abundance, purpose and most importantly, unconditional love.

 12 – Two Eagles Crystals – Hand-picked crystals and stones for healing of heart, mind and spirit, including specialty sets, palm stones, spirals and top points.

 13 – Anthony “Tony” M Losito, Psychic Medium and Author of Woke, The Spiritual Awakening of 9/11 and Recovery Worker, and Sacred Obligation, The True Story of America’s Cop – Tony survived a near death experience at age 18 and went on to serve over 30 years in law enforcement. He responded to the attacks on 9/11 and what happened next changed his life forever. He emerged with psychic abilities beyond his imagination. Join Tony for a reading and pick up a signed copy of his book. Presentation Sunday 3pm.

14-15 – SpiritTalk Healing ™ with Deborah Rene’e and Cherokee Lightsky – Deborah is an Intuitive Psychic Medium and Energy Alchemist, offering Trance Healing sessions, Light Language Activations and Coaching. Cherokee is a Lightworker (Psychic) Medium, Empath & Clairvoyant. Aided by her Spirit Guides using intuition & psychic abilities. Experience relaxation, clearing, balancing, activation & alignment.

16 – Loving Karma – Energy Alignment for the Home & Body – Angela of Loving Karma, Reiki Master teacher and Feng Shui and Healthy Home Consultant, offering Reiki sessions, 15 min for $20. Shop one of a kind unique Reiki Infused gemstone creations. Forms of payment: Venmo, Cash, Credit Cards, Zelle, Paypal.

17-18 – Medium Lisa O’Connor – With 16 yrs of experience, Lisa’s mission as a medium is to help those that are grieving. She offers reading in her Branford office, at peoples’ homes and by phone. Please contact her at 203-530-8702 or visit www.lisadoconnor.com Presentation Sunday 11am

19 – Kim Russo, The Happy Medium – Kim Russo is an internationally renowned psychic medium, intuitive counselor, and spiritual teacher. Her abilities have been tested and verified. She is a Certified Medium for the prestigious Forever Family Foundation as well as The Windbridge Institute for Applied Human Research.  . Kim will be featured Saturday night at an intimate gallery. At her table, she will feature autographed books, crystal jewelry, and gemstones. https://www.kimthehappymedium.com

20 – Joe Perreta – Joe’s mediumship skills have been tested and certified through the Forever Family Foundation. He is also featured in Goop.com’s The Guide To Energy Healers, Intuitives, and Mediums. He has also participated in scientific studies of mediumship at various prestigious universities around the country. It is not only his mission to heal as many people as possible through the beautiful gift of mediumship, but also to prove to the world that the soul is eternal.

21 – Rebecca Anne LoCicero – Today Meet Nora LoCicero, Certified Reiki II Practitioner, Specializing in Animal Reiki. Offering Reiki Sessions for $15 for 15 min. Nora is an Animal Reiki Practitioner, today she will offer mini healings to you.  Please ask Nora any questions you may have about Reiki for YOUR Pets too!  Rebecca Anne LoCicero- Psychic Medium / Author – Living with Messages from Heaven, an advocate for psychic mediums in the millennium.  Come get your copy of her book that can guide you to conversations with the Beyond.  Rebecca’s upcoming Tour’ Events and Galleries information. Learn about the Mediumship 101 & Awaken Your Intuition classes. www.RebeccaAnneLoCicero.com Presentation Saturday 11am

22 – 12th Dimension LLC, Shelly Maguire, Shamanic Medicine Woman – Shelly is a mesa carrying Neo Shamanic Medicine Woman, Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner, Certified Therapeutic Sound Healer, QHHT & SBW Practitioner, Reiki Master, Light Language Channeler, ceremony & retreat facilitator. She is showcasing her Quantum Resonance Crystal Healing Bed. Presentation Saturday 12 noon

23 – Book: WTF Just Happened?! A Science-Skeptic Explores Grief, Healing and Evidence of an Afterlife – Author, Liz Entin, began examining paranormal information and evidence of an afterlife in 2015. She still considers herself skeptical and an atheist (although she’s a cultural Jew), she cannot deny the preponderance of evidence. This changed her life. She hopes her book filled with a deep dive and logical assessment will give other grieving people tangible hope that their loved ones are still with them.

24 – Annette Marinaccio, Author of Your Soul Focus: You Believe in the Afterlife, Don’t You? – Annette is a CPA and healthcare executive and the author of Your Soul Focus. After her mother-in-law died, she showed Annette that there is an afterlife. Annette’s journey provides information that has a clear and deep benefit to others. See Annette’s expert interviews at www.AnnetteMarinaccio.com. Autographed copies available. Presentation Sunday 12 noon

 25-26 – Bradford Tilden with Crystal Music Healing – Bradford W. Tilden is a best-selling author, composer, sound healer and Universal White Time Healer offering 10-minute White Time energy healings, personalized gemstone combinations, Lemurian Crystals, gemstones, books, and CDs. Plus information about in-person/remote services and upcoming events. Presentation Saturday 3pm www.CrystalMusicHealing.com 860-830-5841 

27-28 – Let’s Get Wired, LLC – We want to help YOU add the most dazzling and authentic healing crystals, gemstone jewelry and unique creations to your collection. Stop by our booth for a crystal consultation and take home the perfect crystal just for you!

29-30 – Sophia Marotta, NY Medium – When I was 2 I had an NDE. It was then that I was gifted mediumship.  Being a messenger for heaven is my passion and I am honored to help others. I have been investigated and vetted on BPD. Presentation Sunday 4pm.

31-32 – Inner Wisdom Healing, LLC – Utilizing Qest4 bio-energetic testing, Emotion Code and Body Code energy healing, and intuitive readings, Heather Rose empowers people to take control of their health and lives. Providing balance, connection and clarity in getting to the root cause of physical and emotional challenges.

33 – The Wycked Cauldron (Readings by Denise) – I am an intuitive tarot reader. I will give you a no-nonsense reading to guide you on your path. I am also an educated expert in apothecary/herbology and present that knowledge through my handmade natural lotions, soaps and herbal remedies. readingsbydenise@hotmail.com

34 – Amber Art – offering unique, odd & curious handmade art pieces. One-of-a-kind pieces of fine art and jewelry you will find at my booth. Enjoy and explore. Exploring pieces with tiny objects welcome, just ask what they are! Affordable!

35 – Foresight – The information you need for the Adventure of Life. With over 100 years cumulative experience, Starwolf and Catherine offer readings (palm, tarot, runes, I Ching, oracle cards, intuitive and dowsing), Reiki and Catherine’s books. Practical information from experienced, ethical, compassionate psychics.

36 – Poohe Tarot Card Reader/ Spiritual Witches Brooms Besom Items / Plants – I am Poohe and I am a tarot card reader & practitioner. I will have items to help you with cleansing, protection, self-love, removal in the forms of oils, body wash, and spiritual bath.  I love plants and will be selling monstera, snake plants, spider plants, pothos and more.

 37-38 – Michele’s Enchanted Treasures – My name is Michele Gourlie. I have been making healing candles for over 12 years. I also sell crystals and jewelry. Please visit my Etsy Store: Micheles Gem Creations. I accept Paypal, Venmo, Apple Pay and cash payments.

39-40 – LadyDownTheLane.com – I am a claircognizant, empathic Spiritual Doula with a passion to create a sacred space allowing you to unravel limiting beliefs so that your true self and passion become one. Additional services: Spiritual Eating, Reiki, Wellness Herbs.

41-42 – Walking Tree Creations – Elegantly wire-wrapped gems & minerals in sterling, gold-filled, or copper wire. Huge assortment of Reiki-infused pendants that come with stone identification and metaphysical cards.  Gorgeous sliced agate night lights. Facebook/Instagram @Walking Tree Creations

43-44 – Dreaming Light Creations – One of a kind, handmade Dimensional Hanging Crystal Grids as well as hand wrapped crystal necklaces, handmade crystal bracelets, traditional crystal grid kids, horoscope crystal bags, and an assortment of over 100 tumbled/rough crystals.

45 – Kimberly Heil, ATR-BC, LPC, RM – Creative Alchemist for healing & artistic expressions. Artist, award winning author and illustrator, intuitive & Reiki Infused Art, transformational books, Spirit Animal Art, oracle card decks, intuitive art & Creativity workshops. www.kimberlyheil.com Cash & credit cards accepted.

46 – Tarot by Kaitlyn, Mediumship by Julia – Julia Jette, humorous, blunt, and a bold natural intuitive, is offering mini-readings of afterlife communication with compassion, accuracy, and honesty. Kaitlyn uses the power of Tarot to connect with your divine energy. She is extremely intuitive and asks her guides to let the cards determine her messages. Presentation Saturday 4:00pm 

47 – Maureen Stark Palm Reader/Medium – Maureen has been reading palms for close to 40 years. In her 20’s palm reading exposed a new way of connection with clients that gave insights into their past, present and future. Each person has a unique set of lines on their palm that guides my interpretation of your energy. At times, I will sense people who have passed or even pets.

48 – Intuitive Arts by Rona Jan – Rona is a gifted intuitive, channel, energy healer and educator. Through the integration of her skills, Rona provides readings that are informative, healing and have practical application for your everyday life. Shop her store for unique healing items and supplies. Credit card, Venmo and cash. www.intuitiveartsbyrona.com Facebook: Intuitive Arts (community)

49 – Agnes Daddona – Psychic Medium and Counselor – The gift of intuition has run in her family for generations. For over 20 years, Agnes has worked with thousands of people worldwide through psychic readings, mediumship channeling angels, counseling, healing and teaching. Agnes offers sessions in her spa in Avon, over the phone or via zoom. www.AgnesDaddona.com   860-941-2667

50 – Stephanie Jane Symbolic Gifts – Awaken your spirit with products that inspire and transform. Intention boxes, INSPIRIT Energy Bracelets, healing gemstones, spirit animals, symbolic tokens, inspirational décor, tools for the spiritual journey. Come find what your soul needs.  www.Stephaniejane.com 585-729-3222 Most payment methods accepted.

51 – Mindful Self Health – Arthur C Peterson and Linda Pountney – Art Peterson has his B.S. in Horticulture and worked in plant research. Linda Pountney has her M.S. in Integrative Health and is a UMass Medicine trained mindfulness instructor. We instruct people on the use of DoTerra essential oils to obtain more natural health and vitality.

52 – Journey with Janet – Past Lives, Tarot, intuitive readings. Reader for over 18 yrs. Janet connects with your heart chakra to give you your message in a loving gentle way to help you move forward on your journey. Creator of “Crystal Insight Cards.” www.journeywithjanet.com

53 – Shari – Inner Mountain Peak Healing – Shari is a gifted healer who helps people achieve their mental, emotional, and spiritual goals. She is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Master Teacher of IET, Katrina Raphael Crystal Healing practitioner, Meditation Teacher, and a Dream Work/Dream Interpretation Teacher. Offering mini Reiki sessions during this event.

54 – Patricia Griffin Medium Whispers From Heaven, LLC – Patricia Griffin has been a professional medium since 2014.  She does private readings and large groups, she performs and sells out shows at Comix at Mohegan Sun as well as other venues in CT, Mass, Florida and New York.  Griff69@icloud.com www.pattygriffinmedium.com

55 – Irinie Chiu RAINBOW WORKS – A spiritual medium, empath & angelic guidance channel, offers heart-centered Angelic Guidance Readings (through direct channeling & divination tools) and mediumship readings to reconnect with deceased loved ones. She’s known for being genuine at heart & loves all of Life.

56 – Psychic Mark – Psychic Medium, Life Coach and owner of the Blush Center in Northampton, MA. He has been in the healing field for 30 years working internationally and locally offering individual, Zoom and large event readings to clients.

57 – Kathleen Ann Astrology – As an astrologer, intuitive guide and teacher for three decades, I illuminate the themes present in your natal horoscope as well as current transits. Please provide your birth information: date, specific time and location of birth and I will cast and interpret your chart.

58 – Creatively Yours – Marcia London – Handcrafted gemstone sterling silver and metalwork jewelry, rings, pins, earrings and Tibetan Singing bowls.

59 – Ascension Energy Healing – I restore balance to your energy field by removing unwanted karmic patterns either from a past life memory or from an inherited ancestral trait. This enables you to move forward in your evolutionary process, healing past, present and future.

60 – Aura Inspired illuminations – Kerri Letellier, Holistic Registered Nurse and Certified Biopulsar Reflexograph Analyst, analyzes your energetic biofield (aura), chakras and organs/glands providing one-of-a-kind, unique, spot-on readings with personalized imaging printed in color. Kerri does events, fairs, parties. “What are the Colors of Your Story?” 

61 – StidYums, LLC – StidYums is the result of a real-life love story birthed out of love for all things yummy and eternal love for each other. StidYums is a licensed cottage bakery that specializes in personalized cookies and gourmet delights.

62 – Readings by Bethany – Emotional and intuitive reader – I help you find more joy in your life by identifying blocks and giving you the tools to remove barriers that are holding you back from your own happiness.

63 – Elemental Allies – Over 80 different varieties of precious stone and crystal, wire wrapped in their raw, natural beauty. Each piece is sold with an info card that details the history of the stone, and the powers and abilities the piece carries.

64 – Reiki will Travel, LLC – Cheryl Benanti, Reiki Master – Providing Reiki, Life Coaching sessions, and Tarot readings. Traveling to homes and businesses for individual and small group gatherings. Horse Reiki also available.

65 – Readings by Melinda – Melinda is a psychic intuitive. She utilizes Tarot or Angel cards in her readings.  She believes it is her job to give clarity – to help heal, empower, and inspire you to make the right decisions.  She will never tell you what to do; she will tell you what to look out for! Call or text for an appointment: 860-919-6361 Readingsbymelinda.weebly.com

66 – Samaia’s Golden Pyramid – For your spiritual & magickal needs I offer you: handcrafted chakra/crystal/specialty oils, specialty items, magickal defense & figure candles.  I am an Enchantress, Ordained Minister, a Reiki Master and Tuning Forks Practitioner. Come see me and receive healing.

67-68 – Clairvoyant Readings and Zubin Sherring from Intuitive Teaching –  Clairvoyant readings, Meditation Teacher Marcelle Davis offers a grounded space for all sensitive souls to learn the basics tools for meditation to be applied however one chooses to bring in more of their soul’s essence within their daily lives. Aura energy readings, aura energy healings, office and home healings in person, or through teleconference. Special guest Zubin Sherring will be present visiting from right outside of Chicago in Evanston, Illinois. She brings tools to assist in integrating aspects of oneself through in-body meditation.

69 – Good Vibes Yoga Studio – Offering premade and custom on-site wire wrapped crystal healing jewelry, henna and oracle card readings with Deonna Thomas. Tranquility Threads, Reiki charged macrame crystal jewelry, wall hangings, home decor, body and self-care essentials created by Rosie Berardesca.

70-71 – Bone and Botanicals – We are devoted to ethically harvesting wild herbs and animal bones. Our goal is connecting people with nature through our herbal products, animal bones as well as bone jewelry and tools.

72 – Gogo Indawo – Root and Bone Healing – Gogo throws bones as her primary form of divination. The ancestors speak through the bones offering guidance and insight on current life situations, aspects of yourself and lineage which need healing, and your gifts, and purpose.

73-74 – The Nefarious Strumpet – We are the makers of handcrafted unique crystal and stone jewelry, wooden altars, finery & art pieces for the spiritually, earthly or passionately inclined souls and strumpets who are Nefarious in nature to tap into your inner deity & magic.

75  -Wolfe Lane Crystal Infused Clothing – Surround yourself with the healing energies of Tourmaline. A line of natural fabrics permanently infused with nanometer sized particles of Black Tourmaline Crystal. Grounding and protective, Tourmaline generates Far Infrared energy which has many health benefits. Credit/Debit accepted.  Wolfelane.com

76-77 – Crystal Dreaming – Unlock your full potential! Experience profound personal transformation and spiritual healing through the Crystal Dreaming process. Through connection with your higher self, gain clarity and insight, release negative patterns, and activate your life plan.  Lauri Ingram www.LauriIngram.com Jessica Alejandro www.4WholeHeartHealing.com

78 – The Natural Strega – We offer metaphysical goods ranging from handmade jewelry, spell candles, custom boxes, resin art, and much more.

79 – Mind-Body Intuition with Kim, Medical Intuitive & Card Reader – Through the use of intuitive scanning, cards and crystals, Kim provides individualized sessions by gathering information about the whole person in order to help them facilitate change on all levels and empower them toward a healthier, happier life.

80 – Psychic Spirit Light – We provide palm, tarot and psychic readings and we sell crystals for meditation.

81 – Deb the Medium with Affirmations with Hearts – Deb is a certified psychic medium, offering readings, tarot/oracle card readings, pendulum and psychometry too.  Her background includes experiences in: 2NDEs, multiple OBEs, deep trance meditation when she assisted a missing person’s safe return. affirmationswhearts@gmail.com

82 – Wendy Saja, Astrology Stone Casting – Hello my name is Wendy. Astrology Stone Casting is similar to tarot readings, but more direct. You can ask questions about life, health, family, money, relationships, pets, people we lost. Anything you are wondering about. Such as, I met someone, how does the relationship look? I applied for a new job, will I like it? Etc.  I look forward to reading for you.

83 – Patricia A Kelleher – Patricia A. Kelleher is a highly experienced 2nd degree High Priestess in Cabot Tradition, renowned for her expertise in Tarot reading, psychic/mediumship abilities and more. She has spent numerous years sharing her talents in prominent shops in Salem, MA.

84 – The Angelic Crystal – Sheri L. DeVaux – an Alignment Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher, and psychic medium. She is a crystal enthusiast and strives to offer the best price on products to aid you on your spiritual journey.

85-86 – Confident Intentions – I’m a crystal energy worker who creates crystal-grids on the human body to redirect energy and bring stability back. I craft crystal trees, jewelry, and resin art that aligns with chakra energy to promote balance.

87 – Eckankar – The Path of Spiritual Freedom – You are Soul, an eternal, creative being. Unlimited. Divine. Eckankar is an active, individual, creative spiritual practice. A companion for your journey home – to the heights of Self-Discovery and God-Discovery, and beyond. The key to spiritual freedom lies within you.

88 – Ancy Cho – My name is Ancy Cho and I am Tibetan. We carry all kinds of handmade products such as healing bowls, jewelry, etc.

89 – GuataLife – We offer Nature & Technology products for the Mind, Body, and Spirit. The body is a temple and these items can help shield you from the harmful obstacles on the path of life.

90 – Lorraine Cucci RN / Healing Path to Health – Medical Intuitive Practitioner, Certified Reflexologist, Usui Reiki Master practitioner/teacher, energetic and integrative healthcare practitioner. As a nurse for almost 40 years, Loraine possesses a broad clinical knowledge that emphasizes her holistic approaches to health and wellness. www.healingpathtohealth.com lorraine@healingpathtohealth.com facebook@healingpathtohealth

91 – Psychic Readings By Sandra  – I am a psychic and healer for over 25 years providing palm readings, Tarot Card readings, psychic readings, crystal ball readings. Also providing chakra balancing & aura cleansing.

92 – Inseyet / Tabitha Rodriguez – Inseyet is the perfect place to visit while seeking insight within mind, body and spirit. Tabith is a licensed fortune teller and psychic medium. We offer a variety of services. Readings, crystals, home grown herbs, handmade soaps, candles and more.

93 – Midnight Embers Design – I’m a working mom who loves to relax by creating dazzling resin jewelry.  I particularly like to work with materials that shimmer and sparkle! Because my designs are always evolving, each of my pieces is literally one of a kind!

94 – Mary Albanese – ZenZu Animal Communication & Energy Work – Mary provides intuition and energy work to animals. Find her at www.zenzuac.com or on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter @ Zenzuec.  She accepts major credit cards through her website. Stop by her booth this weekend to make an appointment and receive an event discount!

95-96 – Fun Times Jewelry – Enchanted Forest – Our motto at Fun Times Jewelry is ‘beautiful jewelry at affordable prices.” This concept was carried over to our Enchanted Forest division where we offer gemstone items, trees, crystals and more. Check us out at Facebook.com/funtimesjewelry

97 – Dolphin Dreams – Handcrafted and wire-wrapped jewelry and gifts

98 – Denise Burtchell, Phoenix Reiki – Certified Reiki, aura reading & healing practitioner. Tarot card psychic. Reiki universal life energy promotes healing. Aura reading, reading layers of the aura, telling what is working and what is not. Tarot, 5 card reading, past present, future, potential situation, reason circumstance.

99 – Kristen Cappucci Psychic Medium & Intuitive Readings – Kriten Cappucci is a native of North of Boston, MA. She has been a psychic medium since birth and knew her intuitive gifts at a young age. Her empathic abilities with her remote senses can pick up on past, present and future events. She specializes in one-on-one readings, cards, remote viewing, astrology and more!

100 – Rev. Jackie Bumm – Oracle of Light, Spirit Communicator, Guide. Originally from Kentucky and Native American Descent. Channeling messages from loved ones, Source, Masters, Guides and Higher-Self. Compassionate, caring teacher and guide on your Ascension Path. Cash, Card. Email jackiebumm@aol.com

101 – Heather Gottlieb – Intuitive psychic medium who connects with your loved ones. What do I achieve? Help through grief, receive closure and/or receive answers that have been sitting with you since your loved one’s passing. This reading is spirit talking to me and I will relay messages to you. Intuitive readings for jobs, relationships, romantic relationships, etc. if you have something specific to ask about, I can help. This is a two-person conversation.

102 – Enchantments Spiritual Boutique – Ms. Faith, a practicing ‘Good’ witch for over 40 years. Works as a minister, herb/green witch, uses divination magick and the energy of the divine. Perhaps she can make your life magickal also!

103 – The Dragon Stones – natural crystals & stones; carvings, spheres and towers.

104 – The Light Source Center – The Light Source Center is a nonprofit school that provides a loving, compassionate and safe space for students to bring balance to their lives, learn to love themselves and create greater self-empowerment and resilience in their lives through meditation.

105 – Jacqueline Kane The Energy Medicine Solution: Healing Techniques For Mind Blowing Results – Jacqueline M Kane, Master Energy Healer & Low Back Pain Specialist, www.jacquelinemkane.com Sunshine Layne, Medium, Energy Healer, Spiritual/Soul Life Coach & Author. Founder of Infinity Soul Connection Program www.infinitysoulconnection.com Offering Ancestral Energy Readings – Mini Divine Readings – Book Signing.

106-107 – Healing Witchery 1692 – Many of life‘s circumstances can be improved when your energy fields are working at their highest abilities. We specialize in energy work, hypnotherapy, grounding, chakras, fertility support, trauma, generational blockages, illness support, hand rafted items and more to support you.

108 – A Momentary Calm – Readings by Besty Rosenberg –  A spiritualist intuitive for over 45 years, Betsy’s Gypsy Witch and Guilded Tarot readings bring foresight to how your life path appears “at this moment.” Guided by intuition, guides and spirit, you can prepare for, or change, the Future!

109 – Neiman Art – Making spiritual artwork has become my metaphysical practice and it is my joy to share joyful, colorful, whimsical cards, prints, journals, art prints, oracle cards and (new) fabulous gift bags!

110 – Psychic Insights by Victoria – Local to the Norwich CT area, psychic since 15 yrs! I do psychic readings, palm and tarot card readings as well as chakra balancing, meditation sessions and energy healings.

111-112 – Valomie Boutique – A women’s clothing and accessory boutique. www.valomieboutique.com  I do events at Mohegan often. I have a 7×14’ enclosed mobile boutique trailer.

113-114 – Wicked Peaceful ~ Mind. Body. Soul. – Get ready to grow inside and out! Wicked Peaceful is here to help nurture your divine spirit, enhance wellness, and take you intuition to the next level. Everyone is genuinely welcome with our wide variety of classes and services available for all skill levels. Visit www.wickedpeaceful.com to learn more about us.

115 – The Realest, Stay Tuned Intuitive Guidance – My name is Nereida Fernandez but my clients call me “The Realest” because of the accuracy of my readings. I have been gifted since childhood after a 3rd story fall. I had an out of the body experience and became psychically gifted. I am an empath, psychic and medium. I specialize in Tarot readings.



11 a.m. – Welcome to the EXPO and Gallery – Psychic Medium Rebecca Anne LoCicero
Rebecca will be presenting Messages from Heaven ™ for you. Spirit communication with validation and amazing accuracy! Rebecca will also share information on how to navigate the expo, get your readings, keep your energy strong, and get the most out of your experience. 

12 noon – Sound Bath Experience with Shelly Maguire
Come and experience a unique sound and vibrational healing. Shelly utilizes many instruments from crystal & Tibetan bowls, rattle, drums, chimes, and vocals. She will lead you into a deep journey of relaxation helping you to release stress and connect with your own divinity.

1 – 2:45 p.m.  Mid-Day Mediumship Gallery Event: Psychic Medium Joe Perreta
Presenting messages from spirit today for you. Joe’s mediumship skills have been tested and certified through the Forever Family Foundation. He is also featured in Goop.com’s The Guide To Energy Healers, Intuitives, and Mediums. He has also participated in scientific studies of mediumship at various prestigious universities around the country. It is not only his mission to heal as many people as possible through the beautiful gift of mediumship, but also to prove to the world that the soul is eternal. Joe Perreta shares his ability to channel messages directly from spirit. He offers validation, clarification, healing, and peace. For more information on Joe, visit – http://www.joeperreta.com/

3 p.m. Out of the Cosmic Closet: 3 Innovative Insights to Awaken and Accelerate Your Highest Potential Now – Bradford Tilden
Join Bradford in this engaging and enlightening presentation about Universal White Time Healing. Learn how it can help you heal and transform your health, life and spiritual identity into your awakened authentic Self.

4 p.m.  Julia Jette Smith – Medium – Indigo Child – Teacher
Come explore the intuitive connections between a child and the world they live in now. The new age vibrational language that Indigo children experience and encounter on a day-to-day basis. 


10:45 a.m. – Welcome to the EXPO – 15 Minute Psychic Medium Rebecca Anne LoCicero
Rebecca will be presenting information on how to navigate the expo, get your readings, keep your energy strong, and get the most out of your experience. 

11 a.m. – Gallery Reading with Medium Lisa O’Connor
Lisa has 16 years of experience in helping connect you to your loved ones in spirit. Join this gallery to talk to heaven, and hear healing messages in a holistic, intuitive, and peaceful support session.

12 noon  Your Soul Focus – Belief in the Afterlife – Annette Marinaccio
Annette will share her unique journey. After the death of her mother-in-law, she was made aware that there is an afterlife!!

1 – 2:45 p.m. Mid-Day Mediumship Gallery Event: Psychic Medium Joe Perreta
Presenting messages from spirit today for you. Joe’s mediumship skills have been tested and certified through the Forever Family Foundation. He is also featured in Goop.com’s The Guide To Energy Healers, Intuitives, and Mediums. He has also participated in scientific studies of mediumship at various prestigious universities around the country. It is not only his mission to heal as many people as possible through the beautiful gift of mediumship, but also to prove to the world that the soul is eternal. Joe Perreta shares his ability to channel messages directly from spirit. He offers validation, clarification, healing, and peace. For more information on Joe, visit – http://www.joeperreta.com/

3 p.m. – The Spiritual Awakening of a 9/11 Rescue & Recovery Worker – Tony Losito
Join Tony, a 30-year veteran cop and 9/11 rescue & recovery worker as he takes you through his Near Death Experience and his miraculous spiritual journey after 9/11 that gifted him with extraordinary psychic abilities.

4 p.m.  –  Connecting You With Family in Heaven –  Sophia Marotta
Sophia will talk about her own Near Death Experience and how she uses her gift to pass specific information to random audience members. Her priority is that everyone leaves with a sense of peace, healing and hope with a smile on their heart.


We are thrilled to announce our Saturday night headliner:

Get your Tickets now to see KIM RUSSO, The Happy Medium, LIVE! This is a one-night only exclusive Main Event!

Kim Russo will be holding an exclusive Gallery Reading in the Ballroom at Mohegan Sun. This event is part of the CT Psychic & Beyond Soul Light EXPO, but has separate tickets through Eventbrite (link below).

Kim Russo is an internationally renowned psychic medium, intuitive counselor, and spiritual teacher. Her abilities have been tested and verified. She is a Certified Medium for the prestigious Forever Family Foundation as well as The Windbridge Institute for Applied Human Research.

Kim is the star of A&E’s & LMN’s #1 hit TV series Celebrity Ghost Stories and is the host of the long-running series The Haunting of… and Psychic Intervention. Kim is a frequently requested guest on many news and radio shows such as Coast to Coast with host George Noory, and has appeared on many talk shows such as The Real, Inside Edition, The Maury Povich Show, and The Mel Robbins Show. Kim has also been a repeat guest on The Doctor Oz Show.

Kim is the author of The Happy Medium – Life Lessons From The Other Side and Your Soul Purpose – Learn How to Access The Light Within.

With her down-to-earth approach and compassionate heart, Kim is committed to her soul mission of helping to bring healing messages to all those in need. Kim caters to large and small audiences around the world by sharing her knowledge through live readings, lectures and workshops.

Doors open at 6:00 p.m. Line can start forming earlier. General Seating. The event will start at 6:30 p.m. and end at 8:00 p.m.

TICKETS WILL BE AVAILABLE AT THE DOOR, BUT THIS EVENT MAY SELL OUT. PLEASE BE SURE YOU GET YOUR TICKET EARLY THROUGH EVENBRITE at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/kim-russo-the-happy-medium-live-intimate-showing-mediumship-at-mohegan-sun-tickets-525286414807

More about Kim Russo https://www.kimthehappymedium.com/


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