May Events


Gale bowlsEAST HARTFORD – Sacred Rivers Yoga
Crystal Healing Bed with Crystal Sound Vibrations – PRISCILLA GALE
Etheric Crystal Light combines all the benefits of color, light and crystal therapy, producing benefits on physical, spiritual and energetic levels. Crystal healing has been used since the times of Ancient Egyptians and Chinese in order to heal or guide energies. Each crystal suspended above the client has been cut to a specific frequency, aligning each one above the seven chakras, matching the vibrational frequencies of each chakra’s color. A precisely cut crystal produces a constant vibration of the same frequency as water in its purest state. As the body primarily consists of water, water being liquid crystal, the vibrations from the Crystal Bowls align with, restructure and organize the water in our tissues and cells. Recipients experience reduced pain, peace, balance & well-being, clarity of thought and more connection to Spirit. Held: 28 Main Street. Contact: (860) 657-9545 or visit:
Time: 2 to 3:30 p.m. (overflow 5 to 6:30 p.m.) Cost:  $25 for Bed, $20 for Sound Bath Only

ASCWETHERSFIELD – Astrological Society of Connecticut, Inc.
New Age Fair
A sampling of the metaphysical world featuring readings, vendors, body-workers, free presentations and a Basics of Astrology Class (1 p.m. – $10). Special focus at this fair on the August 21 “Great American Eclipse” – learn about it at the class or experience a Shamanic Eclipse Journey led by Agneta Borstein (3 p.m.) Held at Keeney Memorial Cultural Center, 200 Main Street. Contact: (860) 568-8617,, or visit
Time: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Cost: Free admission, free parking. Readings cost $25 for 20 minutes – credit cards now accepted! Astrology Class is $10 and includes a coupon for $5 off an astrology reading at the fair. Bring your birth time for your free printed chart when taking the class.


Journeys New LogoSIMSBURY – Journeys Holistic Wellness and Anxiety Relief Center
Communication and Being Cherished – ADAM LATIN
Just a few decades ago we had more limited amounts of information. Our communities all held similar belief systems. We now have much more freedom to love and communicate in our own unique way. This has created an unintended distance. We no longer experience love in the same way. In learning to effectively communicate what makes us feel cherished, we can bridge that gap. In this workshop, learn practical ideas and concepts on how to identify and communicates the unique way each individual feels cherished.! Held at 918 Hopmeadow Street. Phone (860) 580-9736, and visit
Time: 7 to 9  p.m.  Cost: $30 Per person or $50 per couple


ASCWETHERSFIELD – Astrological Society of Connecticut, Inc.
Lecture: Astrology of Aging – CHRIS FLISHER
Chris explains how as we grow older, we begin to express attributes more closely aligned with our rising sign. The phrase “being comfortable in one’s own skin” seems to apply. He’ll also discuss personal Sun and Moon sign evolution. Chris has spent years researching, understanding and practicing astrology since his first chart done at age twenty. Given a “Top Ten Astrologers” award, he broadcasts on cable access television and is celebrating his ninth continuous year as host of the weekly radio show, Turning of The Wheel. Held at Keeney Memorial Cultural Center, 200 Main St. Contact: (860) 568-8617,,
Time: 7 p.m. lecture, 6:15 p.m. pre-lecture    Cost: Free for members, $10 for non-members; Half-price for students with ID


Gale bowlsBRANFORD – Avant-Garde Holistic Center
Sound Immersion – Healing Meditation– PRISCILLA GALE
Experience a total sound immersion of Gongs & Himalayan Singing Bowls, Crystal Singing Bowls, 7 Chakra Crystal Practitioner Bowls, Crystal Pyramids, and Zephyr chimes.  Clinical studies have shown that sound vibration boosts the immune system, decreases stress hormones, reduces aches and pains as well as lower both heart rate and blood pressure.  Immersed in vibration, the songs of these instruments enter the body in targeted ways to balance, heal and restore feelings of well-being along with peace, joy, confidence, increased energy and clarity of thought. Held: 328 East Main Street. Contact: (203) 481-8443 or visit:
Time: 7  p.m.  Cost:  $15

Bloethe FairPLAINVILLE – VFW Hall Post 574
Benefit Holistic Fair —Presented by SHIRLEY R. BLOETHE
45 Vendors & Readers, Free Raffles, Free Services. Vendors: Readers, Food, Aura Photos, Health Resources, Bemer Therapy, Naturopath, Therapist, Home Services, Healing Modalities, Local Art,  Jewelry, Chiropractor, Essential Oils, Clothing, Home cleaning, Natural & Personal Care Products, Natural Supplements, Crystals, Skincare, Reflexology, Clean & Perfect PH water by MorCler’ and much more…. Held at 7 Northwest Dr.ive. Contact: Shirley R Bloethe  860-989-0033 or email Visit website   Vendors Apply on line.
Time: 12 noon to 4 p.m.  Cost: Free Admission – Requested Donations of Food or suggested $5 p/p for Plainville Food Pantry Benefit


Journeys New LogoSIMSBURY – Journeys Holistic Wellness and Anxiety Relief Center
How to Heal: An All Day Intensive – BRITTANY QUAGAN
We are constantly looking for the answers as to how to improve ourselves and our lives. The fact is, there is no simple answer. But there are many tools and new beliefs we can implement into our lives to get those answers. Let’s spend the day together learning what it means to heal; the important questions we never seem to ask ourselves; tools and techniques to create change; and the power of the chakra system. There will be a lunch break. Please bring your own or there are plenty of restaurants in the area.
Dress comfy! Held at 918 Hopmeadow Street. Phone (860) 580-9736, and visit
Time: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Cost: $150 Payment plans available

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