Soul Light Expo


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proudly presents our Summer

Sunday, June 4, 2017
Holiday Inn, 100 East River Drive, East Hartford, CT
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Admission: $5 – includes all workshops
(all vendors will have Free Admission tickets in May)

Announcing our wonderful vendors:
(workshops will be posted soon!)

A Healing Hand – Tim Bshara
A Healing Hand will be offering Aura Photography with detailed report and interpretation, sound healing tools, and a WIDE array of crystals. We have well over 100 types of tumbled stones and larger specimens. Come put together your personal crystal healing kit!

Angelic Readings by Lauren – Lauren Watson
Lauren’s ancestry is Near Eastern 4th generation psychic with strong connections to loving spirits and angelic guides. Sessions with Lauren often lead to enlightening clients with new actions to take and bring greater focus, confidence, and authentic expression into their lives. All messages comes from a safe and confidential place.

Astrology Stone Casting – Wendy Saja
Stone casting is sort of like tarot cards but more direct. You can ask questions about love, health, family, money … anything you’ve been wondering about such as “I met someone. Will it be a healthy, happy relationship?” “Will I get the job?” etc. I look forward to meeting with you!

Crystal Vibrations Jewelry – Valinda Salva
Receive Reiki healing energy 24/7 with Crystal Vibrations Jewelry. Swarovski crystal and semi-precious gemstone bracelets, infused with sacred energy to heal, balance and transform your life. Crafted in sacred space, energetically cleared and infused with intentions to be powerful conduits for divine healing energy. This is not your average jewelry!

Divine Light and Guidance – Sonia Manganello
Sonia is a 4th generation healer/teacher/clairvoyant/medium who looks to guide you along your spiritual journey in a compassionate, empowered and loving way. Each session brings forth new insights and direction so that you may be able to live life with purpose and meaning.

Divinely Inspired – Nancy Moran
Hand-crafted jewelry featuring semi-precious and exotic beads. Shell art and goddess portraits.

Dolphin Dreams – Judy McGann
Hand-crafted wire-wrapped jewelry using high energy stones and Reiki infused.

Eckankar – Chris Chessari, Bob Morton
The Path of Spiritual Freedom – Eckankar means “co-worker with God.” It offers ways to explore your own unique and natural relationship with the Divine.

Energetic BEing Center – Whitney Christina
People are raving about how they felt after getting BEMER’d! What’s that? The perception of the BEMER application differs by person. Whether you have a light feeling of warmth or tingling sensation, most people feel noticeably relaxed and invigorated after the application. Stop by our booth and see for yourself.

Feather’s Touch Animal Communication and Healing – Kim Tallcouch
Kim is able to communicate with animals that are both alive and crossed over. All she needs is a photo of the pet. A session with Kim could provide healing, behavioral insight, and understanding to a caregiver about their pet.

Garden of One – Rachel Ginther
500+ flower/vibrational essences & aromatherapy products: mysts, essences, aromavibrationals, energy reels, colloidal silver, magnesium oil, ormus, and more!

Inner Essence – Peggy & Don Valliere
We offer rough and tumbled crystals/minerals/fossils including rare/specialty stones and jewelry, along with spheres, skulls, pendulums, tealight holders, New Age charms/chakra pendants and angel products, for all your healing needs.

Jessie, Spirit Guide Artist/Clairvoyant/Medium
Third generation clairvoyant/medium – 30-minute reading includes: drawing of your spirit guide, its origin, its name, why he/she came to you, when it came to you, the colors to identify the gifts you were born with, the gem to heighten your energy, and identification of two animal guides.

Journey with Janet / Floating Lotus Jewelry – Janet Weinberg
Tarot/insight/intuitive readings to help guide you in the most loving, gentle way for you to move forward on your path AND handmade jewelry made with a genuine Swarovski crystals. Sterling silver and gemstones – bracelets, necklaces, watches, earrings, key chains, bookmarks, etc. ALONG with Crystal Insight Cards.

Karmic Inspirations – Nicki Maiorano
|We are a new age inspirational gift shop, inspiring you to live your best life: yoga, meditation, Reiki and Feng Shui supplies, books, CDs and tools. We sell inspirational gifts, jewelry, and artwork, and have readers/advisors on staff to help guide you.

Live by the Sun Feel by the Moon – Gina Goldstein
Gina is a Reiki Master Practitioner, Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner, Animal Reiki Practitioner and a Licensed Professional Counselor. Gina uses a person-centered, holistic approach for wellness. Let me assist you in life’s journey towards fulfillment and happiness. Experience energy work for positive effects on the mind, body and spirit.

L.O.V.E. Lightworker of Vibrational Energies LLC – Gayle Franceschetti
L.O.V.E. Institute presents: The Four Agreements, Young Living Essential Oils, crystal and hematite jewelry, meditation CDs, flyers for workshops and power journeys.

Messages with Tracy and Donna – Tracy Timbro and Donna Otlowski
Join mediums Tracy Timbro and Donna Otlowski for an angel card reading or let us cast some ancient-style rune stones for an intuitive look on your life! You may receive a message from your angels, guides, and loved ones in Heaven.

Mindful Self Health / DoTerra Essential Oils – Linda Pountney & Art Peterson
Essential oils provide optimum benefits for physical and emotional health by detoxifying and oxygenating body cells and organs. “Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade” oils can be applied, inhaled, and ingested as wellness supplements. They reduce toxins in home and personal care products, level blood sugar and pressure, and benefit families.

Readings by Denise – Denise DiFranco
I am an intuitive Tarot reader with over 15 years of experience. I will give you an honest, no nonsense reading of the path you are following.

Returning to Wholeness – Deborah Wilson
Transform your life with energy medicine. Our unique system of energy medicine assists you to return to natural states of health by getting to root blockages. Whether you come to one of our workshops, certification trainings, or private sessions, you will experience deep, profound, yet gentle transformation.

Rock ‘n Bone Mineral – Jerry Marchand
Natural crystals and minerals from all over the globe. Celtic Harp CDs.

Serenity Grove Wellness Center – Lisa Huppert and Heather DeLusso
Rev. Heather DeLusso and Lisa Huppert are both gifted psychic mediums. Together they deliver compassionate and sincere psychic/medium readings. Soul Readings that use paint to discover animal totems are also being offered. All major credit cards are accepted. Gift certificates available.

Simply Peaceful Healing – Joan Witherell
Joan will be offering angel and tarot card readings. The cards will always reveal the right answers to the questions you may have about love, money, job and relationships.

Spiritual Psychic Readings with Lynne Hartwell
Lynne has read for over a thousand people throughout the U.S. for the past 20 years. Her compassion, professionalism, and experience bring forth a uniquely uplifting and pleasant reading experience. Readings can include: Sacred Geometry Empowerment Card Readings (New!), Messages From Spiritual Guides And Angels, Crystal & Gemstone Energetic Readings.

Spiritual Web Communications, LLC – Linda McCracken
Linda McCracken does Tarot readings with the beautifully illustrated Shapeshifter deck of cards. She also does spirit art of loved ones who have passed. She will also have spiritual books for sale that are published by Spiritual Web Communications, LLC.

Starwinds – Marion Porter
Marion Porter uses shamanic healing, Reiki, Tuning Fork Therapy, and Access Consciousness® techniques to unlock your possibilities, and restore the balance and harmony to your life! Her healing sessions are beautiful Light and Love filled experiences. For more information, check out her website.

Stone Sisters Boutique
Hand selected, stunning sterling silver metaphysical gemstone jewelry including – pendants, rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. Select fine crystals, stones, minerals and specimens as well as unique spiritual and metaphysical gifts and supplies.

Tools for the – Grant & Roy Cahill
We offer crystals and minerals for healing and expanding your consciousness.

Transcendence Channel, The – David Case
Intuitive, channel and healer, David Case, will present information on the evolutionary nature of Kundalini, how it ties to human history all the way back to our Ape Ancestry and how every species of this planet is wedded to a universal process that utilizes evolution through Kundalini’s Shakti Consciousness. Also offered will be free consultation uniting individuals with their angelic guides through unique mudras and circuit symbols.

Traveling Intutive, The – Kristyn Neal
Kristyn is a psychic/medium-intuitive. Growing up in a family with others that have this gift, she was never without someone to share her experience. As an adult, Kristyn received her Mediumship Level 1 and 2 certification from the Psyche Institute.

Wild Fay, The – Evernia Fay
The Wild Fay offers living terrarium jewelry, magickal amulets created for specific purposes and intentions, and natural curios that help you connect with the energy of the earth and the spirit realm.

Willow’s Healing Path – Keiko Broyles
Keiko is a natural born empathic psychic medium. Ever since she was a child, she has had multiple encounters with the Spirits. Her style of reading is 100% heart-centered while also focusing on bringing out the evidence that shows continuity of life after the soul leaves physical life.


Spiritual Web Communications, LLC – One book: Messages of Universal Wisdom: A Journey of Connection Through the Heart by Barbara Evans

Readings by Denise – Free 30-minute reading

Crystal Vibrations Jewelry – Crystal Vibrations Jewelry bracelet

Rock ‘n Bone Mineral – Himalayan Pink Quartz

Journey with Janet – Deck of Crystal Insight Cards

Serenity Grove Wellness Center – Gift Certificate for a free 15-minute reading (Value $40)

Kim Tallcouch / Animal Communicator – Gift Certificate for one animal communication session

Jessie, Spirit Guide Lady – 30-minute telephone reading (Value $50)

L.O.V.E. – Free body energy “Tune Up” session

Traveling Intuitive – 30-minute psychic/mediumship reading (value $35)

Dolphin Dreams – Hand-crafted necklace

Garden of One Garden of One – Mini Myst Kit

Tools for the – One healing session with Grant & Roy

Starwinds – Gift Certificate for a complimentary healing session (Value $90)

Mindful Self Health – doTerra essential oils

Inner Essence – Mineral necklace (value $60)

Karmic Inspirations – Small gift bag and Gift Certificate for a free 20-min reading (Value $50)

Gina Goldstein – One free Intuitive Reiki session (1.5 hr total session)

Energetic Being Center – One Bemer session (5 winners)

David Case – sacred circuit image – channeled and drawn by myself

Returning to Wholeness – 90-minute Wholeness Energetics Session (energy medicine)

Divine Light and Guidance – lg gemstone and crystal bracelet


ROOM 222 (off elevator – go straight)

11 a.m. Empowering Your Authentic Self – Gayle Franceschetti
Acquire tools that will allow you to attract more of what you want. Learn how to make choices that allow more positive energies into your life.

12 noon  Healing After Grief – Tracy Timbro and Donna Otlowski
Join mediums Tracy Timbro and Donna Otlowski as they focus on the healing aspects after grief. Listen as they discuss the signs from Spirit, their connections to Spirit through mediumship, and forgiveness to release the burden of guilt. Experience a short, guided meditation to show you how to connect with your loved one in Heaven.

1 p.m.  Minerals and Crystals – Grant Cahill
Using minerals and crystals to expand horizons and consciousness.

2 p.m.  Animal Communication – Kim Tallcouch, Feather’s Touch Animal Communication and Healing
Discussion of the basic elements of communicating with animals, as well as some tips and techniques to help participants develop stronger communication skills with their own pets.

ROOM 214 (off elevator, take a right)

11 a.m.  Past Lives – Present Opportunities – Bob Morton
Want to recall memories of past lives? Lessons of long ago can be recaptured to help our lives today. Our character is made up of virtues and shortcomings, and all are a development from past lives.

12 noon  Release that Pain! Releasing Emotional and Physical Pain through the Practice of Forgiveness – Valinda Salva
This workshop is based on the realization that forgiveness is based on love, and is about learning now not to gloss over how we feel. You will be given tools to help access feelings and clear that energy. As a result, you can experience the healing that comes from letting go of these energies.

1 p.m.  Kundalini is the Thread – David Cook
Spiritual evolution and revolution has always been close at hand laying dormant in our DNA and nesting inside of our mysterious intuitions. Spiritual systems from the East have given this a name but then shrouded it in mystery and esoteric dialogue. It is Kundalini. Kundalini is a cosmic feminine energy and consciousness, seeking to evolve our species further through balancing and synthesizing masculine matter-energy into our Transcendence forms. Inherent to the natural design of this process is one another.

2 p.m.  Get to the Root! – Deborah Wilson
Our unique system of energy medicine, based on the ancient science of the human energy field, is very effective at getting to the root of an issue and addressing it for lasting transformation. Learn simple techniques to keep the energy field clear, fully energized, and healthy.

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Sunday, October 15, 2017
Radisson Hotel, 100 Berlin Road, Cromwell, CT
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Admission: $5 – includes all workshops
(all vendors will have Free Admission tickets at the beginning of October)

Want to plan in advance? We are 1/3 sold out right now.
You can download the Application HERE

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