Soul Light Expo


Sunday, October 7, 2018
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Radisson Red Lion, 100 Berlin Road, Cromwell, CT

$5 admission or get a Free Guest ticket from a vendor

Vendor Application – SoulLightApplOctober72018

Here’s what you will find at our October 7 Expo:

Aura photography
Sound healing tools
Angel and Soul Purpose readings
Spiritual book authors
CDs- meditation, David Young, Celtic harp
Silver archangel wings pendants
Essential oils
Angelic statuary
Soul Light t-shirts
Sea glass, peacock feather, dragonfly pillows
Metal spiritual artwork
Oracle decks
Hand-crafted orgone pendants, pyramids, crystal grids
Great Mayan Medicine Wheel readings
Tarot readers, including Shapeshifter
Shamanic energy medicine
Angel reader
Paranormal investigators
Spiritual counseling
Animal communication
Flower/vibrational essences
Aromavibrationals and energy peels
Spiritual healing, counseling, education center
Clairvoyant/medium spirit guide artist
Handmade opals and gemstone jewelry
Fossils and minerals
Four Agreements
Marconics energy healing
Institute featuring mediumship, medical intuition, spiritual counseling, angelology, holistic practitioner certificate programs
At-home Reiki sessions
Energy medicine education and programs
Natural minerals and crystals from around the world
Sacred geometry
Sujok Ayurvedic Reflexology
Subtle circuitry energy
Tibetan singing bowls
Rainbow Reiki sessions
Handmade Tibetan products from Indian and Nepalese refugees
Life coaching

Looking to spend the day enjoying some quality workshops? Here’s the schedule:


11 a.m.    Healing with the Angels – Barbara Hardie
Learn the major components of healing and why some people do not heal. Determine whether or not a health issue is part of your Soul Contract. Participate in a healing meditation.

12 noon    Animal Communication Basics – Kim Tallcouch
This workshop reviews the basic elements of communicating with animals intuitively. I will also share some tips and techniques to help participants develop stronger communication skills with their pets.

1 p.m.    Introduction to Marconics Energy Healing – Josh Brotherton
In this workshop, you will meet the instructors of our upcoming local class as well as learning: What is Marconics? How did it originate? How does Marconics differ from other healing modalities? The No-Touch and Quantum Recalibration Protocols. Benefits of Marconics.

2 p.m.    Heal Your Energy Field, Heal Your Life – Deborah Wilson
The energy field surrounds and permeates the physical body, and it serves as a vehicle through which we create our experience of life. Illness first shows up as blockages in the energy field. It is through this energy field that we can access our innate wisdom and healing ability. Our unique system of energy medicine, based on the ancient science of the human energy field, is very effective at addressing these blockages. Learn to access your energy field, tap into your subconscious, and heal your life.

3 p.m.      Essential Oils Offer Natural Solutions for Better Health – Art Peterson
In the past 50 years, prescription drug use has gone up 1,800% and during that same time, breast cancer is up 165%, prostate cancer is up 300%, thyroid issues are up 350%, and diabetes is up 1,300%. Are we healthier? Essential oils can offer natural solutions for a multitude of health issues.


11 a.m.      Empower Yourself to Live the Life You Want to Live – Gayle Franceschetti, L.O.V.E. Institute
Tools and techniques to help you enhance your true empowerment while living in this bustling world and to use this positive energy to attract the vibrations that bring forth more abundance and love into your world.

12 noon    Light Body Healing Raises Our Energy of Vibration for Creating a Luscious Life – Cathy Stubbs, Eagle Flight Healing
Brief description of our energy field, the vibration of energy that our emotions and thoughts contain, the Law of Attraction, becoming more conscious of the emotions we hold and the use of light body healing for releasing constricted emotions, beliefs, attitudes and old story events.

1 p.m.    A Guided Journey to You, Your Higher Self and Your Inner Universe – Robert Graves
In this workshop, you will learn a technique for de-stressing and experience a guided journey to your place of inner peace and wisdom. From this place you can find the answers needed to resolve emotional conflicts so that peace, self love and balance will return to your life.

2 p.m.    The Truth About the Akashic Records – David Case
Edgar Cayce and countless mediums have accessed and utilized this energetic “Hall of Records” as a spiritual repository, but where did it come from and what is it about really? Come explore this charged topic with intuitive and channel David J. Case, who has broken the Akashic Code.

3 p.m.     Vibrational Healing at the Cellular Level using Tibetan Singing Bowls – Marie Menut
Everyone will feel the healing vibrations of these bowls. Volunteers will receive healings to demonstrate the effect of these bowls on trauma such as respiratory problems like COPD, physical injuries, such as broken bones or stress issues like anxiety or PTSD. The workshop will end with everyone toning and experiencing an OM hug.

RAFFLE PRIZES so far… (benefit We Adopt Greyhounds, 501c3)

Returning to Wholness –  90-minute Energy Medicine Session
Mindful Self Health – Bottle of Wild Orange essential oil
Barbara Hardie – Her book Darkness: Where Does It Come From?
L.O.V.E. – Free body energy “Tune Up” session
Transcendence Channel  – Free Personal Circuit Remapping with Visual Energetic Goal, by phone plus matted 11×14” colored digital image of their personal circuit intuited and painted by David Case
Jessie – 45-minute phone reading (value $50)
Marconics – Free “No-Touch” energy session (value $75)
Feather’s Touch – Gift Certificate for One animal communication session
Spiritual Web Communications – Tarot reading via Skype or phone
Judy Benjamin – Orgone pendant
Eagle Flight Healing – 7-chakra illumination – deep cleansing ($75 value)
LoThEMar Opals – Handmade opal necklace
Life in Colors – $100 Gift Certificate
Soul Light Connection –  ½ hour (30 mins) reading with Joy Gaffney
Still Waters Healings – Aromatherapy pendant with 2ml bottle of essential oil
Garden of One – CBD Relief Cream
Rod Kelly Hypnosis – One free session
Reiki Will Travel – 30-minute free Reiki session
Keiko Broyles – 30-minute session (reading or Reiki – winner’s choice)
Vibrational Healing – Vibrational Healing session using Tibetan Singing Bowls
Healing in Harmony Center – One hour Sound Healing session with Priscilla
Rock ‘n Bone Minerals – Himalayan Pink Quartz
Tools for the Heart – 2.75″ selenite ball
Reiki Rejuvenation – 90-minute Rainbow Reiki session
Tranquil Awakening Coaching – four (4) free life coaching sessions


The Door Opener Magazine began in 1986 as a way to connect spiritual seekers with resources in Connecticut. It was a very successful magazine that was sold around the state in stores and by subscription. After 30 years and 120 gorgeous covers, we decided to convert to only online and not produce hard copy magazines any longer. But we still wanted to be that connector of seekers and resources. In addition to our website, which was launched in 1990, we expanded into Soul Light Expos, where practitioners, readers, retailers, etc. could meet the public directly. Our upcoming expo in June 2018 will be our 9th annual Soul Light Expo. Each expo consists of vendors, workshops, and a teacup raffle for a cause. Here is our list of prior expos and the causes we have contributed to:

October 2014 – Crowne Plaza, Cromwell
May 2015 – Aqua Turf, Plainville
October 2015 – Crowne Plaza, Cromwell
April 2016 – Holiday Inn, East Hartford
August 2016 – Best Western, North Haven
October 2016 – Crowne Plaza, Cromwell
June 2016 – Holiday Inn, East Hartford
October 2017 – Radisson Hotel (formerly Crowne Plaza), Cromwell
June 2018 – Doubletree Hilton, Bristol

The charities we have contributed to over the years have been: WAG (We Adopt Greyhounds), Heroes & Hounds, a private community cancer patient, National Pancreas Foundation, National Kidney Foundation, EARS (CT Emergency Animal Response Service), and ASPCA for hurricane relief efforts.

Soul Light CrewOur Soul Light crew is always there to assist you! Meet Ken, Gail, Gabrielle, Josh and Kenny. They will help you move in, move out, and assist you with whatever you need during the day! They just can’t help you set up your booth – we can’t stretch them that thin!


LOVE OUR LOGO? Be sure to get a t-shirt! High quality and extremely comfortable! We will have all sizes at all our shows (S,M,L,XL – all $20) but if you want to order one ahead of time, go to our Pay My Bill page – we’ll ship it right off to you!

IMPORTANT INFORMATIONSales and Use Tax Form information from CT Department of Revenue Services about Flea Markets, Craft Shows and Fair – Click HERE  

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