Holistic Health Practitioner Directory Form

Welcome to Connecticut’s oldest and largest statewide Holistic Health Practitioner Directory. Before we transitioned to this online-only format, we produced 21 annual Directories. This new format will allow practitioners to jump into the Directory at any time and remain online for an entire year. You will receive a renewal notice prior to expiration. You can make changes at any time throughout the year by simply contacting us.

When you participate in this Directory, all of your contact info is free including links to your website, adding a headshot, as well as a link to your video. And you can be included in as many categories as you’d like ($10 extra category). There are no limits! If you don’t see a category you fit into, you are welcome to create your own! Your teaching information, classes, etc. can also be included in your description. If the form below is not meeting your needs, please contact us directly at thedooropener@comcast.net.

NOTE: This is not the Spiritual Guidance Directory. If you have any questions about which Directory is the best match for you, please review both Directories online or contact us.

To include your practice in this Directory, please complete this information and head over to our Pay My Bill page. A basic listing in one category with up to 100 words of description is $30 and includes the following information:

  • Business Name
  • Practitioner Name
  • Address
  • Phone, email & website
  • Video address
  • Headshot online (jpg only)
  • One category listing with 100 words of description (description section only)

Additional descriptive language may be added at the following rate increases:

101 to 150 – extra $5
151 to 200 – extra $10
201 to 250 – extra $15
251 to 300 – extra $20

You may participate in an unlimited number of categories with a rate increase of $10 per category.

If you prefer to use the paper copy of this form, please click here.

Here is what we need from you:

Business Name
Practitioner Name
Zip Code
Video Address
Name your Category choices here. Basic Listing ($30) includes 1 category. Choose a category from our list or create your own category. You can choose an unlimited number of categories (contact us by email if this form does not meet your needs).

For a list of the current categories, click here.

Category (#1)
Category (#2) – add $10
Category (#3) – add $10
Category (#4) – add $10
Description (see chart above, or if you prefer to reutilize your current description, copy and paste into the box below)

0 words

Estimated Total Due*
*The Total Due shown here is an estimate based on the information provided above. We will send you confirmation of the Total Due upon approval of your submission. Once you receive confirmation, you may make payment through our Pay My Bill webpage, through PayPal (thedooropener@comcast.net), or call me with a credit card (Dory – 860-693-2840).


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