Spiritual Guidance Directory Form

Listing includes 100 words of description (description section only). Additional descriptive language may be added at the following rate increases:

101 to 150 – extra $5
151 to 200 – extra $10
201 to 250 – extra $15
251 to 300 – extra $20

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Town, State, Zip
In the following section, please define your listing as you would like it to appear in the Directory. Only put in the information that you would like to appear – it is not necessary for you to fill in every line. For example, some folks do not choose to list a specific town but may want to list “Serving all of CT.”
Zip Code
Video Address
Description of Services (or attach separate sheet) – consider adding the following: types of readings that you do, whether you offer phone readings, provide a recorded copy of the reading, do parties, take credit cards, offer gift certificates, offer training classes, etc.

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Estimated Total Due*
*The Total Due shown here is an estimate based on the information provided above. We will send you confirmation of the Total Due upon approval of your submission. Once you receive confirmation, you may make payment through our Pay My Bill webpage, through PayPal (thedooropener@comcast.net), or call me with a credit card (Dory – 860-693-2840).


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