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Presented by Brittany Quagan 

Brittany QQuaganuagan is an intuitive healer, teacher, owner of Journeys: School for the Soul, and just about the closest thing you can find to a real life Fairy. As a tween and young adult, Brittany battled and conquered depression, anxiety and panic disorder; fought everyone who told her she “couldn’t” or “wouldn’t” – and won; learned to embrace and live as an Empath and use her gifts of healing and intuition to help others find clarity, empowerment and to heal. She left the fast-paced and exciting insurance world to open Journeys: School for the Soul and devote her life to helping others defeat anxiety and own being an Empath; and to teach people to be their own brand, find their truest self and live with their soul as their compass. She works with all ages – specializing in young adults – but loves working grown up kids, too. She has helped people internationally.

You can expect her column to be filled with wisdom and insight from Spirit and from her Higher Self – who often has snarkier ways of teaching her lessons than her Guides. Whether you want to know about energy, healing; being “psychic,” working with the Moon, or Spiritual lesson full of magic and empowerment; her column is sure to please.

In addition to monthly articles, Brittany will have a monthly Q&A column where you can submit your questions (intuitive advice, healing, development, and otherwise) and she will answer as many as she can. So please submit your questions to her email address: with the subject line: Door Opener Q&A.

You can also connect with Brittany for readings, healings, medical intuitive sessions, and life coaching; as well as register for the smorgasbord of classes she offers at Journeys in Windsor. Feel free to visit her, peruse the variety of retail available, chat over tea, or come to one of her classes to be fully entertained by laughs and Spirit. Check out the website for class schedules, services, booking your appointments and more:, phone: (text-friendly!) 860-580-9736 or

November 21, 2016 – An Excerpt from the new book series
REN: Awakened by Brittany Quagan

Sometimes I want to scream at the top of my lungs until my voice is completely gone. Or until the pressure blows off my head, whichever comes first. The stress they put on me; I can’t handle it. It just builds and builds, and one day I’m going to POP. It’s even worse when I’m mad. The things that happen … well … I can’t help it; they just do.

You’d probably be just as pissed if you were in my shoes. I mean, do you have any freaking clue what it feels like to have been lied to for your entire life about who—or what—you are? To know that everything you thought was real couldn’t be further from the truth? And still, after everything I’ve learned, the lies keep coming.

I’m supposed to do things … change reality as we know it. But every corner I turn brings me to another obstacle, another lie.

You’d think that asking a simple “what” or “how” would get you the answers you need. Not when you’re dealing with these people. They have so much to say, yet they say nothing at all. And you know what? Secrets really piss me off. I know they’re hiding plenty from me.

By the way, I’m Ren. I’d love to have a typical going-off-to-college story with all sorts of teenage, rebellious debauchery. But I don’t. My story isn’t working like that; it never has. I’ve always been different than most. Whatever that means. For me, it means that my life has never been one you could call normal. Some of you can relate, which is great because you’ll be a big help in all of this.

I’ll try to break this down quickly for you so we can get on with the story. A few months ago, my life changed completely. Not that I had some lovely fairytale life to begin with. Life had always been a struggle, but then things got crazy. Things I never thought could—or would—happen, did. And now I, well, we (and by “we” I mean you and me and the rest of the world) really are smack dab in the middle of mayhem.

Before my life flipped upside down, I couldn’t even walk in public without thinking I was going to die. It didn’t matter where I went or who I was near; my chest would get heavy; I’d sweat bullets and twitch; my heart would race; I couldn’t breathe. Sometimes I’d faint. I didn’t know why it happened. If I tried to explain to anyone, like a doctor, what I experience, they would just tell me I was paranoid or that I had anxiety disorder. Then they’d slap me on meds. It all changed when I met them, though. Everything changed. Because I learned the truth. And now it’s time for you to learn.

Welcome to the story of my life (my lives?) and more than likely, yours too.

For more REN: Awakened, visit

October 31, 2016 – Death

We spend our lives fearing it, hating it, and even finding ourselves curious about it.

Death. A mysterious concept we put so much energy into.

Most believe we’ll never truly know what it is until it’s our time. For others, they have faith that death is never the end.

For me, it’s the latter. Because death isn’t something we just experience at the end of our physical lifetime; it’s something we experience repeatedly throughout life.

Death is transformation. The end of a cycle. The means of beginning a new.

We face death once a year, at the very least, in the seasons. Spring and summer bring us life in full bloom, harvest, warmth.

Then suddenly, the leaves begin to turn as autumn approaches. Those of us leaf peepers flock to the trees to watch Mother Nature decorate our horizon with the fire-y array of colors. But this natural phenomenon is the beginning to an end because shortly thereafter, the leaves die, the snow falls, and winter blankets the earth in an accepted, beautiful display of death.

What’s interesting to me is that so many of us wait all year to witness this splendor. We see the magic in a death process that happens before our eyes because we know that, come spring, our yards will return to life.

There’s no fear when you know what to expect.

So why is it that every time something in our life dies away, whether that be a relationship, or a means of income, or some other, abrupt change, we immediately falter? We return to that fear space in our minds because change is not something we handle well. Change is not something we are used to.

But I’m here to remind you that it is.

Just like the magic of transformation and death in the seasons, when something dies, new always grows. And if we look back on every time something has left our lives, something better takes its place.

We just forget this notion in the midst of change.

Imagine what your life would be like if every time you faced a death, you approached it with the awe and wonder you do when you gaze at the leaves? Imagine how enchanted life would feel for you if within these times you could say, “wow! I wonder what’s to come next!” rather than, “oh no! What could go wrong next?”

Halloween/Samhain is my favorite time of year because it reflects the cycle of life and death. It’s a reminder to allow what’s dying to flee, to make room for the best yet to come.

With my new move from Windsor to Simsbury, and much growth on the horizon, transformation/death is the theme of my month – and for many of us. Rest. Allow. Set intentions for what you can do with new found space in your life.

And, as always, I’m here for all of your life coaching and intuitive counseling needs.

Peace, love, and pixie dust!


June 27, 2016 – CEO

What if money was nonexistent? What if we “paid” for services and goods solely with our behaviors, with energy? Would we be paying people what they deserve in the way that we treat them? Or would we be falling short? Would we be receiving payment in ways we deserve? Or would we be allowing ourselves to get stiffed.

In our jobs, we receive energy (money) for the energy (work) we give. But, we shouldn’t be receiving just at work, but in every aspect of our lives. All areas of our lives require an input of our own energy and a receipt of energy in return.

When we are in relationships, so many of us give 100%. But we aren’t always getting the same in return. If relationships were a business transaction and you weren’t getting compensated after offering the service, what would you do? Would you allow that client to continue to not pay? Or would you stop allowing that client to short change you?

Why is it we don’t allow people to short change us in business endeavors but we allow them to short change us in relationships? How many of us have those toxic friends in our lives that we constantly over expel energy for and they come up short-handed every time?

No business would survive if they were constantly getting short changed.

Your life is your business. You’re the CEO.

What employees are costing you energy? What employees do you need to pay more energy to? Would your “business” go under based on the way your “business” is being run right night? Or would it thrive? Are you letting your employees run your business? Or do you have ownership and control over it?

If we gave money rather than time and love, what would your bank account look like? Would you be in debt from giving out every dime you had? Or would you be prosperous because you are taking too much? Would you have a good cash flow coming in and going out so you’re always in the positive and never in the negative?

We must remember that a constant exchange of energy is required for us to maintain balance. Take the time to notice where there’s a lack of energy coming in where it’s going out.

Apply it to every part of your life; relationships, careers, even hobbies.

Look at each one as you would a business. YOU are the CEO. YOU are in charge of letting it sink or flourish. Don’t shortchange yourself. Don’t shortchange others. Don’t put out more than you will receive and don’t take more than you give. Know that your life, your time, your friendship and your love are all of value and be empowered enough to accept no less than equal.

June 6, 2016 – Falling in Love with Potential

Ahh the smell of sweet summer romance is in the air; warm nights, days spent by the water, the chance of love sparking.

LOVE is on the mind for many.

Because of that – there’s one very important topic I’d like to touch on as those of us singles on the prowl for love venture off on our quest so we don’t find ourselves in that same old story; that vicious cycle of meeting yet another one that we “thought would be it” but wasn’t.

Each one of us holds the key to unlocking this mystery door to finding the right partner. The name of that key is reality.

We’ve all been there.

You meet. They seem perfect. They “could be the one!”

You date.

Speed-bumps rise from the pits of relationship hell, but you barrel over them with one thing in mind – the future.

“We’ll get through it. Once (insert name here) gets a new job and they can relax, things will lighten up.”

“If I just had a ring and knew how committed they were, things would be different.”

“If he/she stopped (insert annoying/unattractive/abusive quality here), we wouldn’t be in this mess!”

Notice a trend?

Here we are focusing on what could happen with this person. Things will get easier once xyz happens. And all of it depends on a need for change in another.

We are so busy focusing on what could be, that we aren’t paying attention to what is. We miss out on an entire reality of who the person is we are actually dating; of the actual relationship that we’re in. Our hope for the future trumps everything that’s actually happening.

Because we don’t want to acknowledge the reality of our relationship and the fact that it’s not working.  We just have our eye on the prize – the ultimate goal. The fantasy love story that isn’t actually there – and sorry – never will be.

We’ve fallen in love with potential.

And we’ve done it many times.

I’ve been there, too.

Once he had a better job, he wouldn’t be so angry/emotionally abusive and we’d have an easier time together.

Once I had a ring, it’d be better because I’d know he was serious about me.

Once he opened up to me about his feelings and communicated, we could get along.

News flash  – he never did. He never will.

I lived on a hope, but all along held the key to figuring it out: stepping into the reality of who he was, who I was, and the relationship we were in that just wasn’t right.

Ladies, Gentleman – we spend far too much time in relationships with people we shouldn’t be with – all because we hold on so tightly to that hope – to that potential.

Do yourself a HUGE favor to save yourself the pain and the time that a relationship can cause.

See the one you have your eye on for who they are – not what you want them to be.

May 23, 2016 – Human or Spiritual? Which Do I Choose?

As kids we couldn’t wait to be done with school – forever. No more books, no more teachers, no more studying, homework, or exams. But what they never tell you is that school never ends; learning never stops; at least not for our soul.

Each of us is here to learn specific lessons in “enlightenment” and healing. But what that really means is clarity and acceptance of our experiences in this life.

It’s a goal of many striving for enlightenment and peace to live a perpetually spiritual lifestyle. And yes, to truly master the human existence, spirituality is a huge part of it. But it’s only one piece of the puzzle.

To truly master this existence, we need to learn to balance being spiritual and human.

We never want to be one or the other, but a beautiful blend of both.

I’ve stumbled up on my fair share of humans who are devoted to their spiritual practices, and it’s quite commendable. However, it gets to be a sticky way of life when we’re spending 10 hours a day in meditation and avoiding human contact, emotions and experiences altogether.

I write this as a realistic, practical lesson for all of you beautiful souls on a spiritual journey who strive to be “more spiritual.”

Your spirituality cannot be defined by the amount of time you spend in silence or in spirit. Simply recognizing that Spirit exists all around you and taking introspective moments for yourself to let go of what’s not working for you all while you face the emotions and relationships of your human life are far more beneficial for your growth.

Cutting off contact with the world, avoiding life, not wanting to “deal” are the polar opposites of what it means to find that enlightenment and balance. How can you expect to implement your spiritual practices/beliefs, and practice forgiveness, compassion and mindfulness if you don’t know how to be a human being any more?

You can’t.

The truest test is being “spiritual” while you’re dealing with anger, jealousy, loud noise, anxiety, traffic, bad days, good days, joy, love, and happiness. Can you be mindful amongst the mayhem? Can you see lessons of the soul in times of judgment and pain? Can you remain grounded and not own others’ emotions that are bombarding you with angst? Can you be thankful for your circumstances, regardless of what they may be?

Human experience cannot be outrun by hiding in Spirit. We must learn to be one with both, as they are truly one in the same.

We are human.

We are Spirit.

Neither is more important than the other.

Continue to send me your questions at I’m here to help you navigate this very spiritual, very human journey!

Hugs, Love and Pixie Dust!


May 17, 2016 – Being Superwoman

It’s a wonderful feeling to help others. Whether we’re offering a momentary kindness, volunteering our time, or in a career path that’s of service to others – a gratitude filled euphoria sets in when you honor the good you’ve done.

But sometimes…

Every now and then…

It sucks being needed.

When I was a little girl, all I wanted to do was heal people. My primary focus was a therapist – which I come pretty close to today. So to actually live this dream has been a blessing; one I remind myself of daily.

But not long ago – I felt my fire begin to fizzle at a rapid pace.

Why am I burnt out? I’m superwoman, this is impossible. She doesn’t burn out!

I’m living this exciting life; doing what I love, traveling, writing.

And then I started to really look at where my energy was going. I noticed how many people in my life “need” me. Family members, friends, clients.

I looked at my emails and text messages and found myself stunned.

“Can you help me with _____?” “Can you do this?” “Can you come to ____ ?” “Help me!” “What should I do about _____?” “I NEED YOU!”

When did I become this person that everyone depended on?

When did I allow myself to be pulled in so many different directions?

Sure, it felt nice knowing I was needed, but I forgot the one person who needed me most.


And even worse, I realized I wasn’t helping them at all.

How can anyone blossom if I’m controlling the watering can? They need to seek out their own nourishment, discover their own capabilities.

And I needed to stop letting my own self wither away from lack of pruning.

While it stemmed from my desire to help people figure it out, I’d been doing the polar opposite of helping them figure it out.

The only way to learn is to live the experience – not have the experience taken from you.

Playing the “hero” isn’t real life. Unfortunately, most humans will not learn from getting saved for they can only save themselves.

My message to you is this – if you’re feeling burnt out, ask yourself why? Is it because you’re spending all of your time catering to everyone else’s needs? Is it because you want to make sure everyone is taken care of? How often are you focusing on what YOU need?

You’re not helping anyone but doing everything for them – especially yourself.

I love my clients, family and friends tremendously. I have so much gratitude for having the opportunities that I do and for the people I get to help and those in my life. I will never take that for granted.

But while we’re being of service and helping others, don’t forget that you’re important too. And taking on the world doesn’t make you superman/woman. It makes you exhausted.

Until next time friends!

Peace, love and pizie dust,


May 2, 2016 – Everybody Run. Get Back in Your Houses. Mercury Is In
Retrograde! – Part II 

Because Mercury is here to point out those things that we have yet to heal in our lives; those things that we have yet to acknowledge that we have buried deep down inside of our solar plexus; those things that we don’t want to face yet. A little thing called reality.

Why am I hearing from my cheating, lying boyfriend this week? Well, have you released your anger toward him yet? Have you gotten over the pain he caused you? Are you still holding onto your feelings toward him?

Mercury’s calling: She says TIME TO HEAL THOSE WOUNDS, GIRL.

Why does my acid reflux stir up only during Mercury in Retrograde?

Well, have you vocalized how you really feel about your relationships? Perhaps you’re getting taken advantage of at work and you just are too nervous to let your boss know how you really feel? Is mom driving you mad and you keep fighting with her but can’t just tell her WHY you are really mad deep down?


WHY ON EARTH IS MERCURY MAKING ME CRASH MY CAR INTO A SNOW BANK? Why are you texting and driving? It’s only a scratch, does the car still work? DID YOU SURVIVE?

RING RING, HEY IT’S MERCURY. Perhaps you should look at the fact that you lived. And you should be thankful for it. And on top of that, if the car still works, is the scratch THAT IMPORTANT TO FIX? Let go of your materialism.

And finally. WHY…WHY I ASK YOU WHY….does our technology go awry when Mercury rolls into town?!

Were people’s faces glued to computers and iPhones and TVs sixty years ago? Were our lives consumed by technology and social media? Did we spend more time exercising our thumbs than our voices? Um, no.


Talking isn’t tweeting. Playing isn’t playing World of Warcraft. Hiking isn’t walking from your couch to the fridge. And complaining about life on a Facebook status isn’t resolving your problems.

So while you may think Mercury is here to destroy your life for two weeks, I must counter that belief. Mercury is here to remind you of the areas in your life you still aren’t healing. Mercury is here to remind you there is a life to live and you should be grateful for it, so take advantage of every moment you have rather than wasting it away doing things you don’t love and spending too much time on social media.

We “move backward” when Mercury stops in because there are still things keeping us form moving forward. So rather than fear Mercury, embrace her. Let her teach you things that you still need to learn. Let her redirect your life in a more positive direction. Let her help you heal, for Pete’s sake and stop fearing all the stuff she’s slapping you in the face with. It is, after all, a past YOU created.

So friends, I hope you have learned at least a little something about Mercury and all her wonderful gifts when she is in Retrograde. I have been fortunate enough to have my computer still work to type this because I learned the hard way that there’s more I should be focusing on than the internet.

Be well! And of course, if you need help healing those parts of you Mercury is just LIGHTING up in these upcoming weeks, I’m just a phone call away!

Peace, Love and Fairy Dust!


April 28, 2016 – Everybody Run. Get Back In Your Houses. Mercury Is In Retrograde! – Part 1

Now, now.

Calm it down, friends!

Are you someone who has everything go down the tubes when Mercury goes into Retrograde? Are you one of those people who fears Mercury going into Retrograde? Do you blame everything going wrong in your life while Mercury is in Retrograde ON Mercury being in Retrograde?

I used to be one of those people, too. But now that I’ve done my research and, of course, worked with Spirit on the matter – I’m no longer fearful nor does Mercury affect me negatively….and I’ll explain why.

I’m here to crack some myths for you and give you my input as to what I’ve learned about Mercury from my own experiences.

First, let’s discuss what Retrograde even means. “Retrograde” actually means a backward motion. When we refer to a planet in Retrograde, it’s because the planets appear to be moving backward. Under normal circumstances, planets shift east every evening. But every now and then, they shift directions and head toward the west. Then, they resume their natural course. They aren’t actually moving backward, however. It’s just an illusion.

OK cool – so Retrograde is “moving backward.”

Now – how about Mercury? Astrologically speaking, each planet brings a different type of energy to the Universe. Mercury, in particular, is the planet of communication and mental processing.

If you smush the two meanings together, Mercury in Retrograde means “moving backward in communication and mental processing.”


You may notice that when Mercury goes into Retrograde that old “issues” start to stir up again. Health issues, feelings of dread, you hear from old boyfriends, you have an old fight bubble up with your girlfriends, the list goes on and on. But why is this happening? WHY WOULD MERCURY DO THIS TO US?

Mercury isn’t trying to kill you or ruin your life, friends! No, no, no! On the contrary! Mercury is here to HELP us!

(“HELP US?” they argue.)

Yes. Help us.         Tune in for Part Two – to be posted on Monday, May 2.

April 4, 2016 – Being Enough

No matter the path we are on, we all have the same destination.

Regardless of our culture, our gender, our race or sexuality – we all want the same thing in life.



And for many of us, we spend so much time waiting for others to make us happy or give us the love that we seek.

In school and growing up, we are taught to find friends, connect with others, create a tribe. As important as it is to have that support system for ourselves, rarely are we taught that the greatest support and love must come from within. While we’re focusing on being a part of a group, we somehow get it mixed up that without a group of friends, without a tribe – we are nothing. That the stronger the bond and the larger our clique, the cooler or better we are.

We depend on others to define our status; to determine our worthiness.

As we get older, that deeply rooted belief that we can’t be “good enough” without the approval and acceptance of others carries into our adult relationships and love relationships.

We believe that if someone doesn’t want to be with us or finds us attractive that that somehow means that we aren’t attractive or worthy of love.

We give others all of this power to determine our worth; to set the tone for our belief of ourselves.

Why is it that we hand over all of this power to others? And in turn, we lose all of our personal power.

Why is it that we allow someone else to decide whether or not we are good enough, or skinny enough, or attractive enough, or smart enough?

Who died and made them the almighty decision maker?

Because the truth is – each and every one of you is enough. But it is up to YOU to know this.

Remember that the next time you are hurt over someone’s judgment of you. When you allow yourself to be hurt over their belief, you’re taking that belief on as your own.

Do you believe what they are saying to be true?

Or can you recognize your strengths and beauty and hold on to that personal power?

Others’ beliefs are not the truth. They are perceptions of an outsider.

Take back your power and determine what YOU believe.

You are enough.

Peace, Love and Pixie Dust,


March 21, 2016 – What Healing Means

As someone who is considered a “healer” in the Spiritual world, I receive many requests from clients who have expectations of what a healer actually does, and what healing actually means.

Healing is not a cure for anything. By definition, to cure means to relieve someone of their symptoms of a disease. But where did the disease come from to begin with? Of course our lifestyle, DNA, and family history come into play. But how, why? The science can only answer so much; whereas the energy of our body can give us more insight into those unanswered questions.

We can’t truly heal ourselves or others without breaking down the root cause of the disease to begin with – the emotion, the mentality, the beliefs we have about ourselves and the world around us. We aren’t just physical beings. We are so much more. And to heal means to treat all aspects of ourselves.

Healers cannot just take away our diseases because we cannot take away a state of mind or belief. We can’t take away anxiety if someone’s not ready to live in the present and release fear of the unknown. We can’t take away reproductive issues in those unwilling to take a raw look at their relationships and find their personal power to know what they deserve. We can’t take away heartbreak, depression, stomach ulcers, or cancer.

What we can do is bring you to awareness. We can help you navigate those bottled up emotions as they come flooding to the surface.

I’m not saying energy healing doesn’t work, either. It works … and it works wonders.

When we receive energy healing, our body energy is brought back to its natural state allowing us to feel amazing physically, mentally/emotionally, and Spiritually. We can hold on to that feeling, that fresh new energy, or we can revert back to negative self-talk, beliefs that aren’t serving us, toxic environments without boundaries, etc.

Energy healing gives us opportunity. But it can’t take away the beliefs and realities we’ve already created in our minds if we’re not willing or ready to let them go. I find that the biggest hurdle in healing is to accept circumstances as they are.

To truly heal means to accept the reality of what is, but to know that it doesn’t have to be the reality of what’s to come. By doing so, we’re not living in the past, and we’re not focusing on the future so much that no one is living in the present. We’re here. Owning our realities, but not burdened by them; Shaping our future without fearing it; Letting go of the negative vibrations that physically manifest in our bodies as disease.

A healer’s purpose is to help you along that path. Only you can remove your obstacles. Only you can learn your lessons in growth and empowerment. Only you can truly heal yourself.

Don’t forget to submit your questions to me at

Peace, love and pixie dust!


February 19, 2016 – Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

Who do we see when we look into the mirror? We like to believe we see our true reflection, but we don’t. Our perception of ourselves is skewed. Perhaps we don’t like who or what we see – or we do. Maybe we notice our imperfections, and almost never do we recognize the beauty in ourselves. And that’s only on the surface – as far as the eye allows us to see.

When it comes to discovering who we truly are, to actually see ourselves, we need to step away from the reflection in the bathroom – and look at the reflections of ourselves that exist in the relationships surrounding us. Those we attract into our lives are there to show us our true selves.

My guides love teaching me lessons. One of the biggest lessons I learned this month (coincidentally the month we associate with love!) was about the reflections of myself within others. Because like attracts like – vibe attracts vibe.

As always, it was interesting how my lesson was revealed.  I realized that I have never dated my “type.” We all have a type – the people we’re most attracted to. Yet, I’ve never in my life dated that “type.” I questioned my Guides, “Why the heck is that?”

Of course, they laughed. Then replied, “Your type is the person you strive to be, and have worked on becoming for years. You weren’t that person then. But you are now.”

Suddenly I understood.

Many of those of whom I’ve dated had deep rooted self-love issues. And so did I. I lacked some serious energy in the Solar Plexus and Heart Center – as did they. Our vibes matched because we needed each other to feel “love”; to get that external validation that we were worthy of being loved. Realistically, neither one of us were capable of the love we deserved; we were what each needed for that time frame. Throughout each of those relationships, I grew tremendously; I came into my personal power, found myself and grew in that immense self-love enough to know what I deserved. I deserved “my type.” I’d become “my type.” And by becoming my type, I can now attract my type.

To those who question why you ended up with “another one like that” – gaze into the metaphorical mirror that is your relationship and ask what lessons they’re bringing to the forefront. Lack of empowerment? Need for self-love? Ability to stand on your own? Finding the power behind your voice? Trusting your instincts?

No matter the question – relationships always reveal the raw truth, and allow us to know and discover our genuine self.

Thank you for allowing me share another wonderful lesson from Spirit with you. If you have questions or comments, never hesitate to contact me. Don’t forget to send me any psychic questions or advice you have or need and they will be answered in this column as we go along!

Peace, love and pixie dust!


January, 2016 – No Apology Necessary

I have recently found myself amidst a tornado of emotions; mainly surrounding my feelings about myself and my own path versus who family and friends want and need me to be.

I finally have gotten myself to a place where I’m utterly ecstatic about my life. I’m healthy, I’m running a successful business and I finally wrote the books I’ve always wanted to after years of talking about it. I’m finally living out my dreams.

It is not without sacrifice.

Turning your dreams into reality isn’t something that happens without immense time and effort; time you need to be willing to dedicate to your dream. They are expensive when it comes to time, time to eat, sleep and devote to human needs such as laundry and time with family and friends.

These are sacrifices I’m willing to make because it’s an investment in my future. Giving up a night out with friends or not attending a family function sometimes have to be done. Over the last few weeks I’ve found that this angers a lot of people. Not everyone can accept the fact you are putting the time and effort into your career (or your healing, or whatever is important to you) and that really upset me.

I became angry with myself because deep down I felt guilty. I was questioning my decisions. Was I a terrible person because I have six clients who need me, nice class curriculums to write, corrections to get back to my editor and, oh yeah, at some point I need to eat, so am I skipping that birthday party? Was I a bad friend because I would rather take the seven free hours I have to sleep rather than go to a movie because I haven’t slept in two days?

After an internal struggle lasting two weeks, it finally hit me. I needed to be done apologizing for my choices because I was not sorry. I have nothing to apologize for.

Their anger toward me being busy and living out my dreams has nothing to do with me; it has everything to do with them projecting their anger about not doing more or living out their dreams. Why would I let that affect me any longer?

Spirit always brings us lessons – lessons in healing, growth and empowerment. This was a big one for me. We have nothing to apologize for if we are living our dreams, bettering ourselves and finding out who we are. If we don’t do this for ourselves, who will do it for us?

A caterpillar doesn’t apologize for her time in a cocoon so she can become a butterfly. It doesn’t matter where you are on your life path. When it comes to putting yourself first, growth and transformation, you don’t owe anyone an explanation or an excuse. Next time someone is angry with you or you feel guilty over doing what is best for you, let it go. You are the only one who is going to shape your tomorrow!

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